🔥Blockchain Crypto News! 🔥Bitcoin (BTC) , Poseidon, China Ban, Чарли Ли + Көбірек! ☄️

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💥BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO NEWS! 💥 New Kids On The Blockchain coming to you with all the blockchain technology and crypto news!


✔️Blockchain based project dedicated to forest conservation 🌴🍁
✔️Blockchain & Crypto Жаңалықтар!
✔️Animation Explainers!
✔️Safe Ledger competition giveaway





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☄️Don't forget to email us at lisa@newkidsontheblockchain.com with any suggestions of what you want to see in the show, it could be EOS chat, Bitcoin banter, all things ICO and crypto, blockchain events, Ethereum, whatever you like!

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🔥Blockchain Crypto News! 🔥Bitcoin (BTC) , Poseidon, China Ban, Чарли Ли + Көбірек! ☄️

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  1. Great show guys! Let’s seea funny story about something being lostwell, a while ago now I was looking all over the place for my car keys but could not find them. They were eventually located in my parked car, the funny (and embarrassing) thing being that the car was locked and it was still running (idling). Somehow I was in such a rush when shopping that as I parked the car i stuck it in neutral and dashed in without turning the car off! 😂. Took a while to live that one down!

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