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ビットコインのニュース今日: The Bitcoin halving will happen in April instead of May. This is huge news for the BTC halving event. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. より多くを学ぶためにビデオを見ます!

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These Factors May Push Bitcoin Halving Forward by Weeks


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Carl Eric Martin (月)





40 注釈

  1. Halving is the original word, just like hodl halvening has been created on reddit

  2. Get Twitter! The whole crypto community is there! It’s VERY valuable to be on Twitter in crypto!

  3. I think the bitcoin price will go down as a correction only temporarily. それから, I think it will come up and break the ceiling.

  4. Anyone else thinking a giant inverse head an shoulders is possibly forming on the monthly ? If so after we hit some good highs, we will come back pretty low after the halving for some time before hitting insane highs! Just speculation but that would make a ton of sense to me

  5. 9.6k Imminent. “IF” this is in fact an official break through the CME Futures SECRET resistance line not many have identified yet (explained in video) then the next thing that “MUST FOLLOW THROUGH IS SUBSTANTIAL VOLUME” to show preferably on the 3 day chart. I’d “like to see” this happen within or just after Feb 7 (doesn’t mean it’s going to). IF BTC fails at this current level then it will likely need to recharge again. But the uptrend is very much in tact as long as 9k holds. Watch for the volume on the 3 day. はい, I agree with the 11k target level Carl “IF” BTC is breaking through the CME RESISTANCE LINE. Trade safe guys😁 BTC currently @ 9322 ヤン 31, 2020 6:55am EST

  6. Just like everything online, “the halvening” is a spoof on other terms coined for events that occurred and grabbed many Anon’s attention. The happening? The fappening? The halvening? Halvening is not a real word. Halving would be the correct term to call it, but due to internet cultures influence, we just have a goofy term that makes no sense instead.

    Just like how we ended up with HODL

  7. Carl do you also have that when u start brave browser that it uses 11 brave.exe ?

    I just noticed it today on pc

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  9. you should mention that the difficulty adjustment takes place every x amount of blocks (approx 2 週間), then it is easier to understand how in the long run.

  10. I remember about a year ago when the halving date estimate was May 24th, 2020. Every few months the estimate moved earlier and earlier.

  11. Riho I’m just speculating, so it could play out differntly. I am on bianace chart. Don’t know if that means anything to you. I only use that but I would assume they all look the same?

  12. @Eric Taylor they all look quite the same but some sites usually pumps or dumps more than others

  13. The drop to 6 k region on the left would b shoulder line up With the neck line of rounded bottom around the inverse head of 3k region would be head. Then our drop to 7k would be start to second shoulder still looks to be in line with neck line. It would take a few years to complete thou which is why it’s pure speculation

  14. 笑… Halvening? is that actually a word in the English language?
    It’s halving, halve or half

  15. They need to censor this baffoon who promotes gambling along with crypto currency. Its just not healthy to make people believe one can do x100 x200 again just like the people back at pennystock waited for a x50 to never to happen again.

    This Controlled ponzi scheme are in the hands of the big ballers now. Cme sells that crap on paper. Does that ring a bell to any commodities that comes to mind?

    They will pump the price up just enough so the rest of the burger flippers joins the next bloodbath. They don’t need to pump the price endlessly now, they make their money while shorting it. Bitcoin has no meaning weather its at 1$ 若しくは 1000$. What is crypto, its nothing. Digital currency already exist. And the blockchain cant even compete with VISA.

    This is just a whole new generation hoping on the gambling train on the new trend of the decade. Crypto currency is nothing else but gambling. 99% of the people gambling in it, are just waiting to cash it out for fiat. Its a joke. Since they couldn’t ban bitcoin, they took it to their own advantage by controlling it.

    5 years from now, youll just all see how bitcoin is all but just a gambling fest for people who has or develop a gambling sickness back from 2017. They just will not grasp at reality anymore. Because that’s all they know, is that Crypto does x1000.

    Delusional cryptonist.

  16. @Jo Hn Thanks for adding your two cents. I was getting worried we had too many bulls but now, thanks to you, all is back to normal and things are well in the BTC world once again.


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