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ビットコインのテクニカル分析: The oil price is collapsing! I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. より多くを学ぶためにビデオを見ます!

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52 注釈

  1. That’s what is going to do to Bitcoin also due to the bear flag unfortunately it rings a bell

  2. @3:35
    the oil halving came sooner than the bitcoin halving.😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣👍😁😁😂😂🤣🤣.

  3. this could be where Bitcoin decouples from the Stock market. If we can continue to hold between $6500 and $7k while conventional markets tank then Bitcoin will gain momentum as a flight to safety and profit especially with the Halving right around the corner. The currency based on Mathematics will prove to be the best hedge and store of wealth globally.

  4. Omg its bad news for bitcoin already btc crashed 200 points becz of down down today. However the oil crash can affect stocks which can affect btc. If dow rises ten only btc has a hope. Guys make exit strategy who knows whats gona happen next be ready.

  5. i always thought that earth will run out of oil before humans accomplish other reliable energy sourcesbut never thought that the day when we are not in need of oil will come LMAO

  6. Oil is a leading economic indicator !
    It’s probably the future of the S&P very soon, despite the billions of dollars dropped in helicopter money mode.

  7. @Melvin Jansen as Ray Dalio stated which I agree with is thatCash is trash”. Crypto will be the flight to profit and safety in the coming years.

  8. I think most of us in the crypto space agree in bitcoin’s fundamentals and that the long term future of bitcoin is up. 質問は “いつ?” Peter Brandt, who has made a lot of correct price predictions for bitcoin, predicted $100,000 BTC after the halvening but had a recent about facerecently predicting a price for BTC of $1,000 or lower due to a global depression triggered by the coronavirus. When hodlers wake up to the fact that the longer they HODL the more they will lose we will begin to see whale accounts capitulate, and that will be dramatic. We need new money coming into the crypto space in order for prices to go up. Bitcoin does not make for good money because of its unpredictable and volatile price. It is a speculative digital asset, not a store of value or a currency. It could take another decade for bitcoin to catch on with the masses, and for it’s fundamental value to correlate with mainstream sentiment. We need more on ramps for mainstream and more exciting use cases for crypto to peak mainstream’s curiosity.

  9. @AltcoinbonanzaYes, he has some points indeed. The problem that I see is that way to many people think that money printer brrr means an instant hyperinflation, while there are so many other factors invoved (as proven by the dollar index, still rising while trillions were printed) which triggers me a lot in this cryptospace. Although you should still invest the way you think is the best because portfolios are very personal anyways 🙂

  10. Just hit $4.40. At what point does the barrel that holds the oil cost more than the oil itself?

  11. That’s mean electric cars technology will stop for long soo when idea collapse oil will back to $100 conspiracy !!!!!

  12. do you think that the oil price could go to five dollars

    Try NEGATIVE five 😂😂😂

  13. a year ago, $1 usd could buy you +900,000 gallons of Petrol in Venezuelathe owner of the largest oil reserves on the planet. This IS NOT AN OIL PRICE COLLAPSEit is a levelling. There is no shortage of oil, but a vast, vast overabundance of it and the Oil Cartels have jacked up the price nearly a million %, robbing the consumers blind. The true price of oil is less than .02 cents a gallon (若しくは .80 cents a barrel) ~ there is no reason for these outrageous prices at the pump.
    Even During Desert Storm in 1990 = gasoline was .05 cents in Iraq = while it was over +$6.00 in the US
    ludicrous manipulation

  14. Regardless of the market situation, I am still able to make profit all thanks to Robert, he helped me with signals and guidance.

  15. When all these oil companies start to fail, and the economy tries to recover by demanding more oil. Prices are gonna sky rocket upwards


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