Mayhem to Erupt in Bitcoin (BTC) Tomorrow?! – 暗号市場のテクニカル分析 & Cryptocurrencyニュース


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Will mayhem erupt in Bitcoin (BTC) tomorrow?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on today's video!


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免責条項: このビデオ/ライブストリームではカバーされたコンテンツは、投資アドバイスではありません. 私は財務顧問はありませんよ. これらは、私自身の個人的な意見であり、, 考え, チャート, テクニカル分析 (TA), 洞察, ニュースと価格の予測. 常にあなた自身の研究を行うだけで、独自の調査結果との個人的な判断に基づいてのみ投資します. 投資および/またはビットコインを購入することを決定 (BTC) またはcryptocurrencyの他のタイプは、非常に高いリスクがあると市場はいつでもクラッシュすることができます! このビデオ/ライブストリームは、唯一の娯楽目的のために純粋です!

Mayhem to Erupt in Bitcoin (BTC) Tomorrow?! – 暗号市場のテクニカル分析 & Cryptocurrencyニュース

27 注釈

  1. I love your content mate! Most excellent. I have upped my game over the past few weeks and turning savage, with patience and trend respecting. Consider yourself mooned up

  2. Massive sell off , capitulation is ahead . This market needs to bottom to consolidate for the next bull run in 2019.

  3. Hey brother. Great video 👊. Really appreciate you covering the order books. The depth chart really seems to be a great tool for one to use for the analysis to look for resistance and support w the ticking back n forth. Cheers 👊

  4. If the market moves upward, I have my holdings ready. If we move downward, I’m ready to accumulate. どちらにしても, looking forward to the next couple of months 🤷🏽‍♂️

  5. Watching the light saber candle in real time while watching this video he recorded HOURS ago. 😂 Kirby for the win!!!

  6. And literally only about an hour ago that coming jump up happened lol. Guess it came faster than expected but we shall see how it plays out from here. Good spot on it though, I been waiting on it too but you definitely called it a little before it started its thing apparently

  7. Every time i hearJuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyymmmmmmes at the watercoolerIt cracks me up. XD

  8. ノー, we havent. We have been moving down for 9 ヶ月, not consolidating. Consolidation could take all of 2019 with it before we head back upwards earnestly.


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