Has Ripple XRP Sparked A Bitcoin (BTC) Rally?-暗号市場のテクニカル分析 & Cryptocurrencyニュース


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Has Ripple XRP sparked the next Bitcoin (BTC) ラリー?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current market news on today's video!


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Has Ripple XRP Sparked A Bitcoin (BTC) Rally?-暗号市場のテクニカル分析 & Cryptocurrencyニュース

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  1. not sure if you heard that xrp is going live this year with multiple banks its in a trail phase but it has been said now in multiple interviews that it will go live this year and ripple has a function called swell and that is on October 1st and 2nd with ex president Bill Clinton as a guess speaker and it is rumoured that it will be announced that it will go live then

  2. Exactly Krib.👊🤛🤾‍♂️
    sorry James I see gloom🧛‍♂️🐱‍🚀🖖💋

  3. In my somewhat researched opinion, a bunch of guys who I won’t name got together at the ltc summit and created a fake conspiracy theory to pump xrp and cryptos in general and it totally worked for now, but I don’t think it’s sustainable. We shall see.

  4. Hey Kirby what do you think of an short ladder of xrp at bitmex starting today
    Best regards master Jedi

  5. +Gonde Khatab that was an unstable pump and quick stabilization, the correction is still on its way.

  6. Ruben I am not sure its going to go down much more. I thought it would do so on Saturday.I am in Vancouver Canada and I seem to have noticed the crypto markets are more volatile on the weekends The Asian markets open on Sundays my time it just might have stabilized and make a higher move with this xrapid thing coming up.

  7. +Elizabeth Hutton thats all the pump was for now. Once its launched it will rocket up and theirs not gonna be a heads up before hand. I know on the weekends in the states there isnt much movement.

  8. I agree Ruben so I. will most likely be heading back in to XRP and doubling my position also.

  9. Ruben Santos lets see if it will bounce back at 0.618. It got rejected at .382 on the daily. Recently the market get volitile after daily close @8pm ET


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