Extreme Move Incoming for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – 暗号取引 & Cryptocurrency価格ニュース


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Is an extreme move incoming for Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on today's video!


免責条項: このビデオ/ライブストリームではカバーされたコンテンツは、投資アドバイスではありません. 私は財務顧問はありませんよ. これらは、私自身の個人的な意見であり、, 考え, チャート, テクニカル分析, 洞察, ニュースと価格の予測. 常にあなた自身の研究を行うだけで、独自の調査結果との個人的な判断に基づいてのみ投資します. 投資および/またはビットコインを購入することを決定 (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! このビデオ/ライブストリームは、唯一の娯楽目的のために純粋です!

Extreme Move Incoming for Bitcoin (BTC)?! – 暗号取引 & Cryptocurrency価格ニュース

21 注釈

  1. Another great video thanks for preaching the truth. Im waiting in usd ready to get those savage gains

  2. Bitmain replaces BTC with BCH!
    Edit: 星のカービィ! What do you say?
    And you, followers of the slick Messiah Kirby?

  3. Great update bro. What’s your thoughts on the strategy of toggling between tusd n btc though the roller coaster instead of tether ie fiat. Great info in general and really appreciate all you do for the community. 💪👊🙏🎢

  4. BTC dominance 53%. The Don is headed toward 60% in a hurry as alts get driven towards the bombed out part of rekted city.

  5. I found you because my last name is also Kirby, and I also love crypto. best YouTube search ever. Watch you every night for the last month man. Grandmas cookies and a bottle of yo ho ho!!!


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