ビットコインTO $400,000 IN THE FINANCIAL CRISIS!! | Davincij15 & MMCrypto Bitcoin Price Prediction


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このビデオで, I'm speaking with Davincij15 and MMCrypto about Bitcoin. We discuss Bitcoin price predictions in the coming financial crisis. Davincij15 & MMCrypto both believe that the Bitcoin price will reach $200,000 に $400,000. They both explain why the Bitcoin price will reach this bullish price prediction.

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MMCrypto: HTTPS://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBkGMys0mYl3Myxh3CTsASA

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ビットコインTO $400,000 IN THE FINANCIAL CRISIS!! | Davincij15 & MMCrypto Bitcoin Price Prediction

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    ► Bybit Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dnIDz1NLuw
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    ► Bybit Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dnIDz1NLuw
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  2. nice group
    i am not sure there will be a financial crises. a recession might be a minor one.

  3. History always repeats itself. The financial crisis is around the corner. And people always believe it will not happen. And then they think they are even more convinced as the interest is lowered to mend on the issue. And then more cheap debt inflates the markets even more.
    And then the big hit comes and people are like, ハァッ? What happened, everything went so well. Smart money can see this ahead of time. Others don’t want to or don’t see it.
    If people can’t learn to put on their winter tires every year in time as they don’t think the winter will come at that moment. And that happens every freaking year.
    How could you expect people in general to understand history repeats itself on the financial crisis when that happens many years apart.

  4. The absolute largest GLOBAL financial crisis in the history of mankind looms! Way too much fiat floating around and not tagged to any asset. Get prepared. Gold, Silver, BTC, Food, Water, Shelter, Security

  5. Crisis is already happening. Look at the grocery bill. Bitcoin was made for thriving in crisis.

  6. We are all getting mansions this time. Not just Lambos. And some will get their own celestial bodies like Carl

  7. Good collaboration, didn’t know MMCrypto.
    It might take a year or two for a serious crisis.
    Surprised you still don’t have 100K subscribers, Sunny Decree has but your content and style is better in my opinion

  8. there will be always a financial crises, a war and a woman in your life who will destroy everything ^^

  9. jason durham in Europe we prefer the path of Social work in places like camphill to learn those things you listed in an other way 😅 Marine would be to totalitarian for me But there are different Opinions out there

  10. I am not sure you need to collaborate with other people Carl, your channel is good and doesn’t need additions.Da Vinci is also good, that really Chris doesn’t have much of a clue of what is talking about

  11. @jason durham when you serve in the army voluntarily there must be a part in you that does not resent to kill people, so serving in the marines does not make people to be honorable people to me. 更に, a list of accomplishments does not make you automatically a better person for the job (Trump)

  12. finally someone said this!! Why the f*** can somebody laugh so hard at non funny things? He is the only reason I don’t watch MMcrypto videos anymore!
    damn man! control yourself

  13. I am not sure what world you live in but what is about to come is like 1929’s great depression impregnated the 08 financial crisis and what is about to pop out is what is going to be truly devastating. If you cannot see the crisis that is coming, you do not have the perspective to see it. Your eyes cannot see what your mind does not know. Either way I hope you’re prepared because it isn’t going to be a minor one as you may think. It’s on a global level.

  14. @lalendi Sorry, if I hit a sensitive nerve on your Monday! I was not in the Army voluntarily nor did I not kill people. I worked as a Crypto Technician for the US Marines and visited several nations around the world. The beauty with travelling and owning companies in different countries is economic PERSPECTIVE that most people never experience. I am not better than anyone else and I do not appreciate anyone referring to my comment as, “Dumb!” which is why I responded in the first place. I hope you have a nice day! Carpe DIem!

  15. @jason durham thank you, I appreciate your response. And I probably should not have attacked you on this personally, sorry. for that, and I agree with your statements.


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