ビットコインTO $14,000?? またはIS $8,500 The Next Target? | BTC Price Analysis


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ビットコインTO $14,000?? またはIS $8,500 The Next Target? | BTC Price Analysis

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  2. Everyone that’s insisting that it’s going to go up in the short run has no clue when it comes to technical analysis. There’s a pretty clear bear flag forming, and we already tested 14k on pure parabola. I’d like to see it retrace back to 6500-7500, consolidate and begin a healthy uptrend. The more likely scenario however is a retracement to high 8’s/low 9’s and a bounce up, followed by corrective price action.

  3. New bulltrend means we will keep going up and only correcting to the 21 daily moving average for support 👍

  4. This is a parabolic bull market; next stop is $14200. It doesn’t look like it will take 3 years to form the next top in BTC. Crypto Savy thinks it may be over sometime next year.

  5. Looking at a crude Elliott wave, I think it’s due for one more (recent) high …. and then we crash

  6. Taylor Clayton the bulltrend is still intact as long as bitcoin is above the 21 weekly moving average. So correcting to the 21 weekly and a bounce from there would be great and very very healthy.

  7. Im no expert Carl, so I will place a sell at 14200 and a buy at 8500$ and hope your TA is 90% accurate. I know there is no guarantee. Thanks freind ,the emtion issue is real.

  8. the thing is ppl from iran ..or venezuela nor from my country we dont have 0.2 nor 0.1 BTC but way less but we trying to get some more ; P

  9. Trust me my friend your very right, emotions have cost me recently. Panic sell when the price dropped and panic buy when the the price hikes🤦‍♂️ now i am keeping a level head and watching and waiting for confirmations. Newbie obviously lol

  10. if i think of $8500 and next morning it will be on 14k lol
    sideways make sense for long term bullish season happy mooning //

  11. I think it’s going to go side ways for a little while.
    What platform to you use to purchase bitcoin?

  12. same with 1k prediction people, i belive correction is done now. cz in 8k area have a ton buy order hard to test it

  13. They told MElol You’re a class act man. Thanks for doing the analysis for us on a regular.

  14. Can’t use PayPal or anything mainstream myself after refusing to pay blackmail to 1st interstate. They blacklisted me. Oregon

  15. Thank you so much. As a noob trader I really needed this right now to confirm my own assessments. I cannot tell you just how much I appreciate it. Right now it is tracking along the top of the upper bollinger band.

  16. I am from USA that is awesome that these people can use btc because the bullies in DC think they control everything. This B.S is really gonna come back to bite us.

  17. @Zwei Hander This is BS. Just like the CME futures trapped the masses this type of nonsense will do the same. BTC will dump before bakkt goes live. 私が言ったことを覚えておいてくださいね.

  18. The Moon Karl, for those who missed the opportunity of $3,200 buy window. What’s the next low price to buy? $8,500 or lower?

  19. im a noob, what informational sources do you use to help you? I also follow a youtubercrypto capital venture.


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