ビットコインへ $10 百万!! | BTCブレーク抵抗することはできます? | Coinbase OTC, ナスダック & 制度の群れ


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ビットコインのテクニカル分析 & ビットコインのニュース今日: Can Bitcoin go to $10 million dollars. Both me and Tom Lee think so. さらに, are the institutional investors coming now? Coinbase launches OTC trading and Nasdaq is launching Bitcoin futures. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. より多くを学ぶためにビデオを見ます!

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ビットコインへ $10 百万!! | BTCブレーク抵抗することはできます? | Coinbase OTC, ナスダック & 制度の群れ

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    1:10 サポート & 抵抗
    3:55 EMA’s
    8:24 Monthly EMA
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    13:33 Steemit Layoff
    14:22 マイクNovogratz
    18:06 トム・リー
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    BitMEXアフィリエイトリンク 10%: https://www.bitmex.com/register/NJu3r0
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  2. Let’s gooooooooo💪🏾💪🏾😜😜
    うまくいけば、 $3,600 was the bottomI had $5000 for a few months with the possible range of $3600 – $4600

  3. Lmao bear market threw the halving??!! Is he seriousTom Lee has to stopMany institutions investment vehicle launching in 2019opening up to 500 million ppl in the worldlol the masses must wake up!!!!!

  4. Thank you for clickbaityto the moon, に 10 百万!!” title. It makes the feels warm on the inside. I would much like for Bitcoin to reach that far, そして、速いです. Fast as opposed to slow like 20 – 50 年. Or even 100 年 (Boo! Hundred years! ノー! Boo!)

  5. Bulltrap! Think about it. Whale buys OTC at 3.5k. Random number let’s say they buy $250,000 in btc at 3.5k. We are up 21% they sell and make $52k in profit minus what they overpaid for otc. And at the ame time they cause the price to drop. Bear market is still in full effect. If you swing trade all good. If you are wanting to buy in low and hodl long term. Wait for sub 3k to average in. And go all in sub 2k. Just my two digital cents!

  6. +Silversurfer Booth Possible big move up or down, depending on what they will do with their coins.. 予定の – OTC or sell on an exchange

  7. I like the Zoom in the Rocket at the end. “Very bullish very bullish” 笑

  8. I watch your videos everyday, but I’m becoming increasingly annoyed at your ever more clickbait titles. It shows a lack of faith in your own content in my opinion and a lack of respect for your audience’s intelligence.

  9. Dicember is going to be a gigantic bull trapis going to have a very dangerous unhealthy parabolic uptrend for plumiting very violently with a beautiful cat bounce the 31 に 1 of January with the retail investors having a horrible nasty wake up from hang over.

  10. Possibly a nasty dump attempt before a massive pump to the upside. Watch the bitfinex futures (short). When it/if it reaches the 38k level or higher, fasten your seats belts gentleman extreme volatility “may” enter the market.

  11. +s3lfFish just look at the altcoins most good altcoins are 95% down , how much more can they go down ?? Not much so i think we already hit the bottom 3500

  12. +s3lfFish Game Pad Digital travel laptop keyboard is quite corky to use. At times, I may bought at the highest 🤪

  13. ​+Remco laken it’s not that, evertyime we’ve said we hit bottom at 6k and we haven’t, then it was 5k, 4K
    plus we’re in a bear market, it’s not gonna moon anytime soon, and I think it’s bulltrap
    so im being patient.
    I’ll never get the bottom anyway, but if I can get closer

    Besides what I do shouldn’t be of any concern to you

  14. +Remco laken it’s not about altcoins it’s about bitcoin
    in the previous bear market, bitcoin fell 85-87 そして、さえ 97 %
    we’re at 80%. There’s room.
    specially if whales manipulate the price
    is it a bulltrap or not ? I’d say yes but i might be wrong.
    Think of it, you a big investor, you buy at 3,5K make a bulltrap so people fomo
    get out at 4-5k then buy back at 2k.
    I might be wrong, but that’s what I think

    The price of altcoins has no value as most will die, well at least the ones that are scams

    besides think waht you want, What I think or do is none of your concern is it ?

  15. +s3lfFish no its not of my concern you are right , im just saying what i think , you do what ever you want ,good luck i hope you will have succes in trading just like me , milk out the bigg boys togheter 😂😂🤣

  16. Institutions are not ready for ATH.
    I can’t believe there are so many bulls after a single day of gains. IMO it’s time to HOLD FAST 👊 I couldn’t agree more. Now’s a time to accumulate some fiat for the weeks ahead. 🤙

  17. Great video carl! To answer your question i think institutional investors are accumulating around the range of 3-4k. I think its a great time to invest in undervalued altcoins wich will moon when the bull run comes.

  18. +Adult Media thats what i am thinking and then will go sideways till june or july then start clmbing up.

  19. maybe he wants to attract more and more audience….you already know his content is good so you don’t need a good title to click. but new guys might

  20. That sounds right to me. I would just say though that so many people think its going down to 2k that quite likely it won’t.

  21. +Bise Boy institution will fomo, however im sure they have anti-fomo policies in place. しかしながら, they are still humans, you talk like institutions are some kind of robot. Institutions fomoed on gold in the past, nothings changed in a few decades.

  22. Were definitely not the bottom, simply because retail investors like you are still bullish. Disbelief stage needs to come. We pump now, then dump to 1k, and a lot of people crying. Then lets talk bottom.

  23. We’ve already had a 82% correction. Assuming this bear market would be equally worse then the one we experienced in 2015 (which I highly doubt it will be), we would only go down another 5%. Nobody can time or predict the exact bottom, but we are pretty damn near it if we look at history. So now is a very good time to start buying in again.

  24. All I can say is nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow so don’t put your money where all this You-tubers tell you they are here to make you and I watch the videos they put in and they make money for it. I don’t have a better way to put it . 🤷🏽‍♂️

  25. There is nothing wrong with promoting oneself or making some money from it once the message is honest and doesn’t attempt to hook us in with cheap and nasty tactics.

    I like Carl’s approach for the most part, but constantbounce coming” 若しくは “break imminenttitles are guesses at best… “$10M Bitcoinprice titles is outright damn insulting to our intelligence.

    If he wants to grow his audience, すばらしいです – but do it the right way or lose your current audience (subscribers) while trying to clickbait the newcomers.

  26. ​+reiwell del what you are saying concerns 90 % of all the smaller institutions, you’re right they will fomo in, but the 10% or even less that own the most important goods known to man I honestly don’t consider them as humans anymore. Not saying they are robots or reptiles, more like that they only care business and that’s 100% of their focus it went into their blood, otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are right now. But that’s just my opinion.


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