Bitcoin Still In Low Volume!!


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ビットコインのテクニカル分析 & ビットコインのニュース今日: Bitcoin is still waiting to break out! I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Bitfinex answers the rumors about their insolvency and I talk about the Bitcoin adoption in Venezuela. より多くを学ぶためにビデオを見ます!

1:02 ビットコインのテクニカル分析
7:57 Korean Volume
8:49 ビットコイン & 暗号ニュース

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Bitcoin Trading in Venezuela Surpassed 1,000 in Last Week から ビットコイン

We da stablecoin now. から ビットコイン

Bitcoin Still In Low Volume!!

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  1. *Bitmexアフィリエイトリンク 10%:*
    1:02 ビットコインのテクニカル分析
    7:57 Korean Volume
    8:49 ビットコイン & 暗号ニュース

    Bitmexアフィリエイトリンク 10%:
    Coinbase $10:

  2. The economist: 1988 Cover portrays 10/10/18. Its tomorrow, Let’s await

  3. カール! I use Bithumb and I know what that is! Bithumb started an event that it gives some coins back to people who made certain amount of transaction. That volume peak is made during the event time. Bithumb is apparently struggling from people leaving, and it’s kind of promoting themselves.

  4. can u look at the economist magazine cover in 1988 with a phenix over looking burning fiat money that global currency reset in october 2018?

  5. Hey wassup Carl! I posted a few days ago that I believe we will see $5000 within the month. I see a head and shoulders pattern forming, as well as open space on the candle chart from $4600 – $4800. Open space has to get filled right?

  6. so,,インクルード,,should I FOMO in now?…or should I FOMO in after it has risen 25% before it retraces back 30%?

  7. Waaaaay too many people are anticipating a bullrun right now
    Typically when you follow the herd you get slaughtered. I need to see definitive capitulation and consolidation then there will be a bullrun. Sure i could be wrong, but i would rather miss a 10% move then be in a 30%+ freefall

  8. Wait for it is right bc it’s inevitably breaking to the upside 🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. Ready to explode lol.
    All we Saw was a crash avoiding add buy from whales.
    There is no Real risking demand so price cant explode.
    On bigger timeframe it might Rise But Atm a
    All pumps are Manipulation.
    Vol this low beside 1 minute big buys tell that Atm bc price would be much lower if whales would Do not hing.

  10. well if it doesn’t happen on 10/10 then the next date is 11/11 with Trump visiting France.

  11. Your resistance line was in the wrong place that’s all. Still a few more days to go.

  12. if i watch the bollinger bands on 1week time, then it s look like we going side ways till half november, to early for a pump for the bolligers bands, they need to make a small tunnel first before a big move, it s always been like that

  13. TA says we already missed a chance to drop bellow 6000. A contrarian approach is not gonna work this time.

  14. We really do appreciate your content buddy! アップ, down, or sideways; an update is always welcome ^^

  15. 素晴らしいニュース! Can’t wait to see more people get into crypto and these new ads will definitely be helping out in the US. When someone mentions the word “Ripples”, I get the smile on my face immediately. I can safely say that for my smile Salvador Will trading Signals. 8 months with him already. First I was on gold package, now I am on Platinum. Great job guys !” Making substantial and consistent profit as a crypto trader is not an easy task as 90% of traders including some so called experts will never excel as traders. Only reason i make use of Salvador Will signals and i do not let anyone trade for me or third party scam,Get accurate signals from salvadorwillcryptos at gmail

  16. 8:25 ” it’s a signal for the classes” -Alessio Rastani

    Personally I think it’s a whale dollar cost averaging if u look closely all those spikes in volume are at the same time of day.

  17. It may or may not happen bcos the elites planned another world currency course the minute trump became president

  18. I think way too many people think way too many people think there’s going to be a bull run. Top comment is bearish.

  19. Sastoshi needs a pair of shoes.
    Scrape some from your XRP bin leftovers and send it to


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