Bitcoin Moving Down!! あります $7,200 A likely Target? [Bitcoin Today]


ビットコインの分析 & Bitcoin/Crypto News Today: Bitcoin has formed a bearish double top on the hourly chart. Is the Bitcoin price going down? I use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to show you what I think is happening in the Bitcoin charts today. さらに, Coinbase to start trading securities?? 又, is it possible that we are in a massive bear market that will last several years? I talk about this in the video, so watch the video to learn more!

1:15 ビットコインのテクニカル分析
6:35 Bitcoin/Crypto News

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Bitcoin Moving Down!! あります $7,200 A likely Target? [Bitcoin Today]

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  1. 1:15 ビットコインのテクニカル分析
    6:35 Bitcoin/Crypto News
    9:51 Bitcoin Bear Market?

  2. It’s interesting that at the same time Coinbase is building a decentralized exchange that is a bulletin board and that they said will therefor allow them to sell any crypto without concern of regulation. We’ll see!

  3. Great video carl! 😀 Could you post some guide of technical analysis tools? I would like learn to use moving average, the volumes ecc.. One video for argument would be amazing for understand better crypto trading in some months. あなたのカールをありがとう

  4. Your black shirt looks nice on you. Love your content you’re a very intellectual young man. Keep up the good work💖

  5. Don’t like that the bounces can’t get up to that upper line of the triangle but it gets to bottom line

  6. I look forward to your vids every morning! あなたのカールをありがとう! Don’t mind the useless negative comments. God bless!

  7. chart analysis abbreviated: “If it goes lower it will go lower, but otherwise it will go up, so invest appropriately

  8. there is ZERO significance to examining charts based on 1 day data chunks over any other interval.

  9. Senne Trenson I feel it’s much more similar To the move from like $6 に $200, rather thhe move to 1,000., which means we could very easily see another parabolic move.. the move to 33k

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  11. Does it not bother anyone that by using the lightning network, Bitcoin would no longer be decentralised?

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  16. 9:55
    !rst peak took btc from $20 in june of 2011 に $230 by march 2013 then price drops to $70
    2nd peak took btc from $70 に $1100 by december that same year. then mt gox.. makes you wonder where btc would be if not for mt gox..
    hopefully this pattern repeats, minus the mt gox

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