Bitcoin Mooving! $10,000 By Q1 Says Mike Novogratz!

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ビットコインのテクニカル分析 & ビットコインのニュース今日: The Bitcoin price is showing signs of life for once. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. And also I'll talk about Mike Novogratz and his latest Bitcoin price prediction. より多くを学ぶためにビデオを見ます!

0:56 ビットコインのテクニカル分析
7:07 Altcoins
8:48 The Big Picture
17:15 マイクNovogratz & The Moon Video

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Bitcoin Mooving! $10,000 By Q1 Says Mike Novogratz!

26 注釈

  1. awesome video as always sir. check korean volume as well in the future please. something is rising in southkoreasomething big

  2. It’s funny how you move trend line 🙂 for 2 tops, what about 20k top? Totally ignored. This is confirmation that we had 5.8k bottom, from here we go only up and not down more then 5.8k

  3. カール: “now I know a hit song when I hear it” 😂😂😂 love it man.
    I can’t agree more 😂😍
    Summer 2019 hit CONFIRMED!
    Thank you for your videos!!!

  4. When the price hits over 20-25K there will be sellers 🤦‍♂️ and those sellers will trade for the hyperinflated FIAT. People can’t get anymore greedy 😂 buy a ledger, cold storage at least 1 btc and cold storage altcoins. Use your pay to buy physical gold and silver. Store up on food and water. Don’t even think about lambos right now. Global reset 🤷‍♂️

  5. Please end every video with this amazing song! Carl your doing an amazing job! Waking up with coffee and Carl 🙂

  6. m/ ROCK AND ROLL m/
    Possibly the greatest anthem of our generation! I will sing the song of my people.

  7. If we r in an alts bull run the break doesn’t need high volume u should see high volume on alts charts like eth

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed the song. This will be stuck in my head for the next few days for sure 😂😂😂 Thanks for the TA Carl!

  9. Expecting move up higher before Xmasshould be more significant after BCH fork is completed in mid November!

  10. Its interesting to note, that volume is measured in bitcoin. Meaning while volume is going down, the dollar volume is dropping even harder


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