BITCOIN BEAR FLAG?! | 若しくは $11,000 Bullish Target? | Owning 1 BTC A Status Symbol?

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ビットコインのテクニカル分析 & ビットコインのニュース今日: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. より多くを学ぶためにビデオを見ます!

0:54 Bitcoin TA
5:28 VPN
6:08 BTC Parabolic
7:55 Brexit Vs. BTC
9:07 BTC Status Symbol
14:28 Celebrity Token

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🏅Ryan Luccioni


Bitcoin Fourth parabolic phase possibility? から ビットコイン



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BITCOIN BEAR FLAG?! | 若しくは $11,000 Bullish Target? | Owning 1 BTC A Status Symbol?




41 注釈

  1. カール・ヘイ. Like your show. I would like you to make a video about some mistakes you made as a beginner to help others. Espe ially with trading. Have you ever lost money? Maybe tell us a story on that.

  2. Google trends is faulty statistics. Boris and brexit are united kingdom searches. People in philipines arent searching english name or brexit. If you look at google trends in united kingdom, both boris and brexit are larger.

  3. I don’t think one bitcoin can be a veblen good because those items are there to show off to other people and you won’t reveal how much money (BTC) you own. Perhaps you can show it on a button or bumper sticker but that will look cheap. 一方, ‘owninga cryptocurrency on an exchange seems to be a veblen good .

  4. In Switzerland there are a lot of friends of mine that are buying rolex, iwc, breitling with worth of 30.000 ドル.
    Those are 3 Btc!!! Ignorant people..😏

  5. The termBitcoinarewill be a thing. I told pll this since 2k13. Less People laugth at my predictions this days tho.

  6. Drinking my colombian coffee and watching your daily Bitcoin report , it is my right beginning every day !!! 感謝

  7. Thank you for your Nord Vpn link. I just signed up for the three years special. おかげでカール.

  8. @Load why does the US ban bybit access from the US ? they basically telling you what not to do with your money .people always have something to say.

  9. 3:25 – I’d love to see someone starting on December of 2017, if they got rid of all the Bart formations in the charts, where bitcoin would be.

  10. Hi Karl, what do you think about Wirex to buy Bitcoin and then put into Ledger nano, lot of fees on coinbase and others…, thanks your videos are great!

  11. .28% of a bitcoin ? とともに 8 billion people that is reality. There is no backup plan for the 5 global currencies that are set to collapse. Bitcoin can’t go to zero there’s a huge base that in the early days lost passwords there’s those that past away lost hardware That’s better news then the dollar Zimbabwe it now takes a wheel barrel of cash to buy a loaf of bread it’s happened many times !

  12. もし .28% of the coin puts you in the top 2% that whole coin status puts you well within Billionaire club. There will be a crap load of millionaires made from it. Trumps tweet was prob to empty out the base so there won’t be such a large class of wealthy. Nothing they can do about it 🤗

  13. @Load ignorant because if they buy that ammount of BTC today, in a few years they can still buy those same watches and have the same (以上) ammount of fiat money.
    I have a friend that replaced a perfectly working (very expensive, almost one BTC) bicycle for another similar one but newer (his had 2 若しくは 3 年). I told him to invest in BTC and hodl for a few years and he would get his bike for free! He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t care for BTC
    No more wake up calls from me!

  14. カール, question on mining:
    The cost of mining comes from energy consumption so what happens to mining, when there are cheaper ways of utilizing energy? like solar.

  15. lalendi the richest people I’ve met (billionaires / multi millionaires) in Asia are all “grey men” unless you know them personally you’d never know they were minted by looking at them. Just a discreet security guard walking a few steps back.

    Ironically the “poorest” rich man I know is a massive bling bling show off but he’s my best mate so I love him even if he’s a bit of a knob sometimes.


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