Will People Buy Bitcoin or Gold During Global Economic Recession?


In the next economic recession, will people buy Bitcoin or Gold during an economic recession? How will they hedge against inflation to protect their wealth?

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Will People Buy Bitcoin or Gold During Global Economic Recession?

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  1. To be part of the 1% you have to do what the 99% don’t do.
    Blockchain is the future and you know it.
    It’s not if when should I buy, but more of how fast can I get as much as I can get.

    Right now nobody’s buying, do the opposite and get in and grab as much as you can.

  2. MetaMorph
    あなたはコインをMetaMorphの更新映像を行い、コミュニティがこのコインを知ってみましょう私たちの価格予測を与えることができます, これの将来は何ですか. ありがとうございました

  3. Retrofred ! It won’t be much longer if an all out war breaks out on a global scale due to nation aren’t getting along. Take a look at what’s really going on instead of making money which we may not be able to do so in the coming future my friend.

  4. People may not like it but XRP will be ruling soon. Also eth as it’s actually a useable platform and not just a hype coin.

  5. Precious metals have value without being depending from governments, internet providers, electricity, hardware and software etc.
    Bitcoin has nothing to do with previous metals. It’s a high risk investment. Precious metals are insurance.

  6. Nice discussion I’m heavy into silver and gold physical stuff like literally in a safe and vaults see my channel ACB


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