Whale Moves $1.2 Billion in BTC linked to Bitcoin Price Collapse? Mayer Multiple | Facebook Libra


The real cause for the Bitcoin Price Collapsing?

$1.2 Billion transferred at 3pm BST yesterday triggered bitcoin’s 11% fall in price. Total of $5.3 Billion transacted in past 24hrs, +164% から ビットコイン

Does Mayer Multiple tell us why Bitcoin could be undervalued | Revealing Indicator to Where Bitcoin's Price is Going Next

Libra Might Not Be Launched in 2020

Libra Might Not Be Launched in 2020

Response to Charlie Lee on the statement that Ripple XRP is "Faking it"

Millions of Loom Tokens Up for Grabs

Millions of Loom Tokens Up for Grabs

Does Google Threaten Cryptocurrencies?

Does Google Threaten Cryptocurrencies?

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Whale Moves $1.2 Billion in BTC linked to Bitcoin Price Collapse? Mayer Multiple | Facebook Libra

20 注釈

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  3. If you zoom out completely and going purely by trends than BTC will be going back down anywhere to $3k to $6k and stay that way for a year or two before breaking out to ATHs. Just buy more when it drops and be patient, you’ll go to the moon eventually.

  4. Go to crex24.com/exchange/BTC2-BTC or vindax.com/exchange-base.html?symbol=BTC2_BTC Where you can purchase Bitcoin2 for about $1.12 each before the crowd finds out.

  5. 私はそうは思いません. BTC is just shaking out all the weak hands right now. If you look back at btc history there is always a hard smash down before running to ath’s . I believe this is one of those times. I doubt btc goes below 7k again.

  6. @John Smith I’m not convinced we’re ready for a huge rally just yet. I think it’s more likely we’re going down to at least $6k range if not further and than trade sideways for a year or two before going back up.

  7. So many have waited for a sub $8200. Great opportunity to accumulate! Stack your bags up everyone🤙,even if the price is extremely speculative; the price is set by the market, with the classic laws of demand and supply driving its value, Bitcoin will swing back to $13,000 and will keep moving in an upward trend, so everybody should buy more and join the train before its goes to the Moon as Predicted, for me i advice you multiply the little you have with *Greg* *Thomas* strategy, i was able to make 7bt with I.5bt in 3 weeks with the same strategy, You can reach him on *Telegram-@Gregthomas1*

  8. Greg is a phenomenal trader and a great teacher. As a trader – he is extremely disciplined, consistent, confident, decisive and has a strong focus on risk management. As a teacher – he clearly explains trading concepts and walks students through real current examples of how to plan, execute and monitor trades. I highly recommend him as a teacher and coach.

  9. BTC will destroy all central banking systems. It will appear to be a good thing because it’ll put an end to the banking elite, but it won’t be many people will long for the times when cash was a thing.


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