Walton / WTCWhat is it? Is it time to buy?


A powerful tool for the internet of things.

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Walton / WTCWhat is it? Is it time to buy?

34 注釈

  1. 面白い. The leading company in this space is Impingi stock symbol PI. No block chain though.

  2. One of the best teams in crypto space, I really look forward to their project

    Great job on the video man!

  3. You’re forgetting a really big question, does it need blockchain? Answer to me, いいえ. You can definitely see the real world value in this, but I don’t believe it truly needs blockchain. I also believe Amazon is looking to do this, so good luck to this coin in competing with that whale. I see the value in buying it, waiting for the hype to go up, then selling high; I just don’t see the long term value in it

  4. Certainly better with blockchain due to immutability, but def doable without. If Amazon does this though, watch out! Thanks for your input!

  5. I appreciate the quick response, especially since I’m new to your channel. I’m a fan of the few videos i’ve seen. I definitely think since this space is still in it’s infancy that it’s important people know how to differentiate a good investment from a poor one, but I guess that’s all subjective. Look forward to your future videos!

  6. NXS coin (nexus earth) may be a hidden gem. They have a conference coming up in aspen in 2 weeks with, Jeff Burwick, Ron Paul and more speakers.

  7. 中国, the knockoff capital of the world coming after counterfeiting goods lmao. All jokes aside, this coin will moon for sure.

  8. Amazon is hugebut it’s USA huge. This is a world project. many many none retail industry applications as well. Before an item ever reaches Amazon, it goes through an intense logistical process. Walton can help there.

  9. This coin went from $11 in the beginning of January to as high as $43 towards the end of that month, through all the crashes that occurred. It’s going to skyrocket in March during the recovery phase.


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