Vertcoin Lead Dev James Lovejoy Interview


James Lovejoy and I talk about all of the latest from Vertcoin / VTCAtomic swaps, lightning network, コミュニティ, and much more!

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Vertcoin Lead Dev James Lovejoy Interview

23 注釈

  1. vertbase platform should be around the end of march, we should see movement around that time frame.

  2. Great Scott! Another in-depth interview! Best interviews in crypto. Smash that like button.

  3. Bang Bang. Vert is a true crypto for the people by the people. Great questions lark. Can’t wait for another livestream

  4. You should get with Bread they already have the wallet and a huge costumer base in place.
    Good luck I have high hopes for VTC

  5. Thanks for the constant vids. Data Dash has been lacking a bit, so I’m glad I came across this channel.

  6. VertCoin is a big project.
    VertCoin will capture the stratis value in a few months.

  7. I think having a solid cult (a solid base and supportive community) around a coin is a good thing since in the near future that will be a critical factor for its adoption & usage in daily transactions.


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