Vechain Cryptocurrency Has a Bright Future as Top 20 Altcoin


Vechain is certainly making splashes in the cryptocurrency market as it has reached the top 20 altcoins on the market at the moment. The recent searched has been noteworthy. Sara from Altcoin Buzz examines this project.

Vechain Cryptocurrency Has a Bright Future as Top 20 Altcoin

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  1. It’s funny how people gave her bad reviews before, but now that guys know she’s a little nerdy cutie everybody is basically ok no matter what she saysshe could be doing pizza coin, and you guys would be likeyeah man..thumbs upi like pizza! とにかく, i think she now has a platform to gain confidence and improve over time. Rock on girl!

  2. Great video. Im sad i missed the vechain train. I was so close to buying some but i didnt have the funds at the moment. SIGH.

  3. Im no expert but Ive done alot of digging into this. Their motto is tohyperconnect the worldThe want to integrate various industries into the block chain using their tech. I recently spoke to a family member who is currently in med school, he confirmed the new wave of tech to be implemented is basically one sytem which connects everything which is basically what icon is wanting to do. universities, insurance companies, hospitals. See where im going with this? Once he talked about that I became even more convinced that icon is going to be huge. Check this out
    Price expectations around $80-100 based on various sources Ive come across.

  4. You guys should lay off with the negative comments on Sarah and the other new guys on Altcoin Buzz. はい, Jeff is the face of this channel but that doesn’t mean you haters should discourage the rest. They’re doing this out of passion for cryptocurrency and are dedicating their time and energy to educate and/or share their views with you. If you’re discouraging these new guys, you’re discouraging Jeff, 同じように. The goal of this channel is to be a news/education portal for cryptocurrency. Please grow up, haters. And AWESOME work on your second video, Sarah. がんばり続ける!

  5. 誰も, lets show Jeff we want to see HIS face in HIS videos. Thumbs up this comment if you agreeSorry Jeff! 😛

  6. Philip Ctrl Alt Del I think it’ll be great for the market. A face to Jeff’s voice would be more convincing to anyone on the fence of joining the crypto market. 👍🏾

  7. Wowser Brindow I was waiting to buy into omg. Thought I missed the boat when it was almost $30. Boy was I happy when it dipped. 笑


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