Use Bitcoin at Starbucks | Bakkt | New Bill For Cryptocurrency | Rhovit


Bitcoin to spur real-world use case and adoption as an undisclosed source reveals that Bakkt, the ICE affiliate and the firm that was approved the US CFTC to list physically delivered Bitcoin Futures, is planning on tackling concerns. It is rumored that Bakkt is working on launching a product and test launch first with Starbucks, an authority in retail, enabling users to efficiently and conveniently settle transactions in a speedy and safe manner.

the Virtual Currency Tax Fairness Act, a new proposed bill in the US House of Representatives could see capital gain tax for personal cryptocurrency transactions apply if profits exceed $200. This is an amendment of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exclude taxation of gross income gain of virtual currency in a personal transaction, a radical shift that could spur more participation and use of digital currencies in a day-to-day settlement.


ビットコイン [BTC] Payment Will Soon be Enabled at Starbucks, Courtesy of Bakkt
Bakkt in 2020

Bakkt’s consumer app is coming in 2020, and it’ll look more like PayPal than Coinbase

How Bakkt is Becoming A Milestone For The Crypto Industry

New Bill In Congress Could Have Massive Impact On Bitcoin, イーサリアム, And Other Cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Crypto Day Traders Won’t be Excluded from the New Congress Bill on Capital Gain Tax
Rhovit Founder’s Token Launch

Rhovit Founder’s Token Launch


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Use Bitcoin at Starbucks | Bakkt | New Bill For Cryptocurrency | Rhovit

24 注釈

  1. Why are you pretending to your viewers that people can go and buy things at Starbucks with BTC? Is this a joke?

  2. So basically nothing has changed in 2 年. I’ll check back in at 2022. 感謝.

  3. Very good idea, after buying a pizza with 10.000 bitcoins, i want to take a coffee

  4. Oh gawd… theWozis making announcements.

    Happy to report that my steak was cooked perfectly, while Justin had the sushi. Can’t wait to tell everyone what dessert we shared.

  5. @Antman we never claimed this was the current state of the tech; しかしながら, that is indeed what both Starbucks and BAKKT are aiming to accomplish

  6. If Starbucks makes bitcoin a payment option, it will expose millions of people to bitcoin, a portion of which will begin using cryptos. This is massive. そして, for those who think people won’t spend bitcoin on coffee, it’s very simple to reload one’s wallet with replacement bitcoin after spending it. Just like reloading a debit card or the Starbucks app. I don’t see that as an impediment to use.

  7. I’m checking now Rhovit. It seems an exciting platform. Thanks Mattie for the updates !!!

  8. If you would not even spent your bitcoin for a coffee, you will be the one buying the top and riding the new bottom.

  9. Bitcoin spring 🌿 mining reward halving getting closer minute by minute

    Reminder of good news for Bitcoin and Łitecoin, SPEDN app is now integrated with @NCRCorporation They are one of the largest point of sale companies in the WORLD!!! #MassAdoption

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