ビットコインのETFについて破砕米国政府のシャットダウン & 暗号先物


What are the effects of the US government shutdown Bitcoin ETFs, Cryptocurrency futures, and the wider industry? BINANCE JE – ポンドBUY CRYPTO & ユーロHTTPS://www.binance.je/?REF = 35019746


Is the Window Closing on US Blockchain Leadership?


Vermont State Government Launching Blockchain Insurance Pilot



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BINANCE JE – ポンドBUY CRYPTO & ユーロHTTPS://www.binance.je/?REF = 35019746
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ビットコインのETFについて破砕米国政府のシャットダウン & 暗号先物

44 注釈

  1. I feel as though this continued shutdown places the American economy even further behind the rest of the world, including their relevance on the crypto space. Crypto does NOT revolve around America’s terms & conditions. I LOVE Crypto on that basis alone!
    Great content as usual bud!

  2. It does them no favors, especially when other countries like Japan and Switzerland are innovating.

  3. I don’t think it’s crushing at all.. the spontaneous announcements will be better for the market instead of a date. We don’t need a PnDI think it’s better.

  4. 丁度, it will come eventually, just all of the dates and expectations are out the window

  5. The Crypto Lark is institutional money our only hope for price increase from now on? Most of retail investors that put money on crypto q4 2017 got hit so badly that they will be afraid to return. What are your thoughts?

  6. Gov is never going to open in it’s current form.
    Tomorrow major announcement 3pm.

  7. I forgot the government shutdown. Suprisingly, it feels exactly the same as always, sadly. あなたラークありがとう!

  8. shutdown has nothing to do with crypto currency. Crypto is crashing. It has been crashing for months. Bitcoin might be under $2000 in two months.

  9. I never thought I would say this, しかし… This bear market is beginning to take its toll on me. HODLing is tough.

  10. Just trimming the fat in corporate owned america. I’m perfectly fine with this shutdown lasting months. Government was inflated and overextended itself for far too long. This was absolutly necessary. Shows everyone how little these branches were doing in the first place. Bitcoin doesn’t need an ETF to keep doing what it’s been doing.

  11. +Ian RJM Nada, getting our points across is not the easiest thing to do online. We good brother 👍

  12. Not at all, lots of other big movements happening, institutions saving crypto is not accurate, we need adoption

  13. In just about 12 ヶ月, BTC has made a drop of over 80% from a peak of $19,800 to less than $4,000 and I wonder how silly those that kept talking of $100,000 and more look now. ひどく, how much more evidence do we need that cryptocurrencies are purely speculative bubbles that are best treated as such and milked at the moment? The only space for investing is in real companies doing actual business with real currency valuation. My forecast for the long-term value of bitcoin is 0$, 0€, 0£, 0¥. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a crypto hater,because even at this current state I make up to $30,000 a month with the assistance of Mr Jeffrey Sanchez trade signals and strategies,I still trade on my own so that I don’t grant anyone access to my trade account which is where my investment is. I just seek his own opinion in the crypto market as he is a very seasoned analyst and trader and then I make use of his signals which are very simple to use in implementing trade.I learnt a lot from him. I am spreading this word for those who can’t make a consistent profit in the crypto market,who feel the only way is just to HODL,for any question concerning the crypto market,you can contact him on GMAIL/SKYPE(sanchezjeffrey564@gmail. とともに). Bitcoin is not a currency for a government,it is a global currency for the people.

  14. The only way its tough is if u put more in it than u can afford to loose, holding is the most easy thing to do just dont SELL.
    And DCA every week..

  15. You will get smarter if society truely breakes down one day, trust me then you will miss functions such as, schools, road maintance, litter removal etc etc, think it is a bit disilutional and uninformed comment sorry.


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