US Government Shutdown Affect Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market?


In this video we explore the affect of the US Government shutdown that is occurring heading in to the weekend over a DACA proposal from Republicans that Democrats did not accept. How will this shutdown affect the market. So far the price of Bitcoin has continued to rise despite the news.

US Government Shutdown Affect Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Market?

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  1. Thank you everyone in the Altcoin Army for the continued community support and Liking these videos as we all grow in this space together. In this video I did mention Vertcoin VTC and how I feel it is undervalued. Do you think Litecoin will doulbe in value to $400 or Vertcoin will double to $11 faster. Similar tech, similar coins. Different Pitchmen. One an MIT project another a Charlie Lee project. No bias here, I own both. For some reason I am really liking Vertcoin at these prices. You Tell me.

  2. The government had to shut down so they all have time to invest in crypto

  3. Furlough is unpaid… しかしながら, generally the policy makers add a provision, once budget is passed, to pay the furloughed employees full back payHowever that is not a guaranteeAll other federal employees, not furloughed, are expected to work without pay, at least until a budget is passed…. All vacation and sick time is cancelled, and those employees are expected to show up to work, whether or not they had a vacation planned or drs apts scheduledIf an employee chooses to go on that vacation or go to that drs apt, they will be furloughed for that time.. Hope this helps answer you questions about furloughed government employees

  4. Max Keiser regularly says The USD is HyperInflating into BTC.

    This means as the dollar loses value, Americans see BTC as safe or of value

  5. Just remember crypto is global. Dysfunctional American politics and a government shut down means little to all of us living in other parts of the world.

  6. Zyzyzx Zyzer Most Americans live in a gigantic propaganda (lie) bubble in which they are intentionally, strategically, and emotionally mind-programmed from the mockingbird mainstream media from cradle to grave.

  7. よく言いました. It should also be noted that contractors who work on a cost reimbursed basis (T&M, CP, 等) will NOT be paid during this period. That may have a significant economic impact if the shutdown goes on for a while. プラス, imagine what impact 800,000 unemployment applications will have on states and the stock market. Whether you think the government is worthless or not, it is a significant part of the economy.

  8. Does it mean if US government shut down, then Danold Trump looses his job and he is nobody’s president? 😂 🤣😂 🤣 Just thinking.

  9. This isn’t the first government shutdown (良く, maybe for some of you youngsters it is). No biggie. All that you will notice is how little you need government.

  10. しかしながら, liberterians would argue that if govt goes down economy goes up and they have some valid points.

  11. Mexico Unexplained we’ll definitely notice over half a million people not getting a paycheck.

  12. In a country of 320 万人, half a million represents between one tenth and two tenths of ONE PERCENT of the total population. I’ll say again, you won’t even notice.

  13. Jeff, with all due respect, I don’t think you need to spend so much time defending yourself, your positions, your team platform. The few naysayers, or complainers here don’t warrant the time you spend explaining away why they’re wrong. You’re doing such a great job. I say this lovingly: simply ignore the little mice. They are not your general population. Addressing their ignorance actually gives them attention. I don’t think it’s worth it. Let them grow into wisdom through their own foolhardiness. I know you know all of this already. Keep up the great work leading this army 🙂

  14. Government and PRODUCTIVITY LOL??! They should NEVER even be in the same sentence ever. We can get rid of 50% of government bureaucrats/paper pushers and we still won’t even notice it.


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