米国 & Global Economic Collapse ExplainedWill It Happen & What Can You Do?


American debt has grown deeply out of control, is there anyway to move beyond the crisis of extreme debt and if so what is to be done?


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米国 & Global Economic Collapse ExplainedWill It Happen & What Can You Do?

27 注釈

  1. Not going to happen. USA can always print more cash $$$$$$$$. USA is world reserve currency

    They will only default if they want to! To reset the system.

    Another possible scenario is let inflation rip and turn the debt into Monopoly money

    Tax cuts to the rich and a huge military did this

  2. Genocide in Yemen? what the hell you talking about lol? dude dont lie and spice things up so you have anexciting content”! state facts nor fairly tales.. show facts and numbers instead of literature speak..

  3. The US is in trouble because of its massive debt and politicians who don’t care to do anything about it. But this isn’t particular to the US, this is a story of many nations. Buy Bitcoin now! 笑

  4. Sorry Lark its all been said before………..Back to crypto please…………..

  5. I’m so torn because half of me doesn’t want all the suffering to the masses that will come with a collapse and the other anarchist half wants to see it crash and burn so we can finally move on from the broken/corrupt system and implement something new that works for everyone, in its place!


  6. Deutsche Bank will blow up first and every thing they owe is on another bank’s balance sheet as an asset. When they collapse and default, those other banks will suddenly fall below their capitalization level and go bankrupt as well, and the debts they default on will be removed from the asset side of other banks and corporations and the catastrophe will spread, wiping out everything.

    But if you have assets like precious metals and bitcoin you should do better than most. When we have our next big freeze up in the financial system, the feds may not be able to print enough to get the system running again. When that happens you will be surprised how fast creditors start accepting lightning network bitcoins for payment.

    In my case my career as a heavy diesel truck mechanic is nearly depression proof. I have bitcoins, silver, ゴールド, buckets of wheat, beans, freeze dried food, medications, backup power storage, inverters, charge controllers and solar panels. Water storage, water filtration, and a big box of powdered chlorine that I can use to mix up hundreds of gallons of bleach which can be used for water purification. I also have guns, ammo, そして 14 FRS/GMRS radios that I can use to organize my neighborhood, block off the street and I know exactly where to put the snipers. Lets hope things don’t get that bad.

    I think this is just another reset. Every 7 に 10 years the banksters run the economy over a cliff then profit from the crash. In crashes stocks and real estate fall and precious metals tend to go up. Last time around I took advantage of the crash, selling half my silver for a nice profit then bought my house at a huge discount. Now my house has gone from 160k to 300 or so. It’s possible to take advantage of these cycles.

  7. When are you gonna start selling those Lark shirts sir….i would deffinitely buy a few…..

  8. Murica is safe with all the gold of other countries they control. Germany was waiting for years to get their gold back after they asked.
    US FED has been secured since Nixon.

  9. 그거아니? 비트코인은 결국 미국이 주도권잡았을때부터 급상승한다

  10. For thousands of people it literally was a doomsday. Just google how many commited suicide or moved out to tent cities.

  11. I think we are in trouble in the US I don’t think it’s going to happen tomorrow hopefully bitcoin gets down to 1500 and alt coins down another 30% and I will go all in with everything I got

  12. Anthony Bertolino

    We have a fake stock market and an everything bubble

    But every day people were not privy to free money.

    Maybe they have a house and a few stocks. Bur they don’t live off the market.

  13. +The Catmother Im from that area and I read news about Yemen daily! there is no genocide going on! there is a civil war between the appointed government backed by Saudi Arabia and the UN vs houthi’s militias backed by Iran! its plain simple political civil war and there is no Genocide whatsoever!

  14. Unless……the United States created Bitcoin. That’s how you pay the debt back. New money!

  15. Unfortunately humanity won’t transform from corrupted system to more empathetic one that easily.
    Effect of ages of living this way and being feed with lies, that there can either be colourful capitalism or ugly communism

  16. My random price prediction of a $3,333.33 BTC low was pretty damn close as of earlier today, but we’ll see if it keeps going down from here or not.

  17. 同意する, nothing is going to happen. They took BTC down too, but at least we’ll get to buy it cheaper.

  18. government debt will crash the world???…… All you guys clearly never heard of quantitative easing

    oh yeah…. sorry to tell you but; no fiat means no bitcoin

  19. +Terry Latham yes. TV won’t show you the long term consequences such crisis had on common people.


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