UNIQLO Raw Selvage JeansAfter ONE YEAR!


How have these jeans held up over time? What do new jeans look like? Watch and find out!

Buy these jeans here:


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UNIQLO Raw Selvage JeansAfter ONE YEAR!

26 注釈

  1. huh, 面白い. just bought some jeans unfortunately. i feel like uniqlo doesnt have much of a selection

  2. Glad to hear it! It’s good to make videos about unusual things sometimes.

  3. 私のために, I would rather choose between two pairs of jeans that I trust than twelve pairs of jeans that I’m not familiar with. やはり, the selection is pretty limited!

  4. They look rubbish! Like old man jeans, no masculine fit, straight leg cut, They instantly looked like cheap denim to me and i am a major uniqlo fan. i would never buy there selvedge denim it’s practically notproperselvedge standard

  5. Sorry to hear that you don’t like them, Ben! I think that the more relaxed look may actually be more masculine than tight jeans, but to each their own. They have held up great and are at the very leastsatisfactory”.

  6. you gotta show off the selvedge it defeats the whole purpose if you don’t show off the selvedge

  7. my uniqlo jeans already tear apart not even a year , I never buy jeans from uniqlo again worthless trash

  8. Nice review man but i think you washed your jeans too often , 1 times a week is too much man for a jeans (Just my personal opinion)

  9. Raiterio Patterson You sir are wrong. You cuff them so the indigo don’t bleed out on your shoes. It’s not just to show that they’re selvedge. Selvedge is just denim made on shuttle looms.

  10. +Axel Ericsson how will you start a conversation if you don’t show off your selvedge????

  11. +Wilasa Kavin 5’11.5″, wearing inseam 32 waist 32.

  12. Raw denim as i understand it shouldn’t be washed for at least 6month’s in order for it to form to your unique shape. To freshen them up you only need to turn them inside out and hang them out in fresh air.


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