トロンアップデート – テザー, 日本の暗号規制, & 大規模なスケーリング


Tron NewsTrouble for tron gambling dapps in Japan, Tron and Tether team up……no really, it's nuts, and second layer scaling is coming.

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トロンアップデート – テザー, 日本の暗号規制, & 大規模なスケーリング

24 注釈

  1. I still feel when Charlie Lee dumped his Litecoin the market went south so no wonder he stay’s out of the limelight. if it was up to me i would throw him in with the BEAR. 乾杯.

  2. You have to give it to the guy, best swing trade of all time sell ltc for 300 rebuy for 20…….master move

  3. Thank you Lark for the Tron update! My friends and i subscribed to your videos after your first Tron review/update. Not many who do but Tron has such a huge community and we search and gravitate to anyone with real news.

  4. Its not tron that is making the gambling dapps, its the community and developers. Gambling dapps have been the first set of dapps built on all infrastructures.. EOS, iost, ont!
    Gaming is coming next, and then the really cool dapps that knowone can predict.

  5. Nice one Lark, can you please do a similar video on IOST. Good things are coming there.

  6. If i buy that picture behind you , probably after 3 years will worth 10x💰😁😁😁

  7. Red Five: We got a lock on the Death Star’s power couplings & it’s got some sort of a bullhorn sign lighting everyones way!!

    Who hoo rebels this is gonna be just like back home on Tatooine flying T-16’s & shooting the hell out of them pesky womprats!!


    🤬🤬🤬 pesky womprats!!!!!

  8. Thanks for all the updates Lark. Tron is not a concern for me but many others think it’s worth their bitcoin.

  9. I’ve play a great deal of casino on EOS. I lost some EOS but I’ve learned a great deal of probability. そう, it’s like I paid for a college course.

  10. 氏. ひばり, if it’s possible to get a developer from PEOS, an EOS-privacy token set to launch on June 1st. Supposedly a monero competition but with the speed of EOs and no mining.

  11. Ive been messing about in the Tron world this week, its pretty amazing how its all put together, Ive never been one for games but can see how this can keep people amused for hours and days and is an economy in itself…..love it or hate it its a slick working platform.

  12. They are organizing false giveaways, that tells you everything you need to know about theses scammers.

  13. TRX is a load of rubbish. It will eventually all unravel. In the meantime there have been several great roller coasters to ride on the price. Buy Tron send all your money to ChinaDo it on Binance and make donations toward their ‘worthycharities. 結構です. Bit Torrent token…? Tokenising pirated software and media…. Yes that is bound to end well. Still plenty of room to buy and sell it- just hold no faith in it.

  14. I think TRON will one day go to ZERoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…..


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