ビットコインの下の終わり $10,000 – We’ll Miss You!

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ビットコインの下の終わり $10,000 – We'll Miss You!




50 注釈

  1. Deutsche bank cutting 18,000 jobs worldwide since the beginning of July. Barclays already cut 3000 jobs over the last quarter.
    JP Morgan says Dollar’s doomed and to dump to its customers.
    US/China trade war ongoing with Trump announcing 10% tariffs on another $300bn of goods.
    UK preparing and ramping up no deal plan to crash out of EU. Mark Carney (BoE Governor) said yesterday that there is 33% chance of recession in early next year even with deal.
    Worldwide central banks, Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank etcholding or lowering interest rates and preparing for quantitative easing (Printing more money out of thin air for you and me). Usually done it in pre-recession phase with the hope of preventing recession.
    最後に, Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos sold about $1.8bn worth of shares in his company over the past 3 日々. Is he renovating his bathroom and kitchen🤔?

    ロングビットコイン, Short bankers.

  2. I’ll invite you to an original bavarianSchweinsbratenif we reach 100k next year. Not joking. 😁

  3. Don’t get too excited just yet, everybody thought the same thing when BTC hit $20K . However I do think we can get to $100K next year.

  4. You always give me hope in this crazy world Lark!!! ありがとうございました

  5. Can you just get your free btc and jump ship or do u have to use it towards trades?

  6. We’re going to look back at this period in our lives and be pissed off (like Peter Schiff is for not buying at $10 when he had the chance🙂) that we didn’t invest more into Bitcoin and take a little bit of a calculated risk.
    *Lark only 160 subs off 100k subscribers. C’mon guys, subscribe nowsure Lark has champagne on ice this weekend. Deserves it.

  7. 100000K in next 3 年? EasilyWhat is your BEST guess for after the halving next August? How much??

  8. It has to be used towards trades. But you can withdraw the 0.2 ビットコイン. Play the $110 and keep the winnings totally risk free.

  9. Peter Schiff has been wrong so many times in the past. I remember back in 2009 he was saying everything is going to go Mad Max style and buy gold now. Understand his primary interest is building his business empire, not helping the average person.

  10. I’m just surprised there are still whole Bitcoins available. When we start talking in terms of Satoshi instead of Bitcoin you KNOW there will be no going back!

  11. Excellent once again. So refreshing to listen to someone with real information instead of relying on pretty charts.

  12. When it was at 20K$ it was at itsend cycle” . The 100K BTC would be doable by mid…2021 多分. Anyway wishful thinking 😊

  13. 3:41 Regardless of the price of Bitcoin tomorrow or next monthonce this properly takes off, we’re never gonna go back under $10,000.
    This quote will be carved in naysayers memory someday.

  14. I can’t wait until it goes over 14k,笑…pretty exciting stuff. 100K…おとこ, I hopeI will be able to leave plenty for my sons.

  15. @The Crypto Lark haha you won’t have to, my wife is an excellent vegan cook! 🙌😃

  16. yes 60k 2020 then 150k 2021 then 300k 2022 then 30-60k in bear market again -character building

  17. Excellent as always. I’m tempted more than ever to sell half my EOS holdings and pick up Bitcoin.

  18. Our local bank just cut 15,000 jobs. That is a small bank in 4 surrounding counties in North Carolina, アメリカ合衆国. The writing is on the wall.

  19. You never under 10,000 again guys make me so anxious cause I’m still stacking sats but not enough fiat 😳😳

  20. Jeff Bezos actually cashed out his shared to fund Blue Origin, his space company. You’re also off on a few other areasas much as I want BTC to succeed and be the world reserve currency, I dont believe this type of fear inducing tactic is a good idea to spread to people.

  21. @The Crypto Lark Nice video, i dont think its sinking in to people yet man, we crossed 10k so manny times manny lost hope, or forget the big picture, but this is most likely it man, when we leave it and go over 14k its gona be the last time 4 digits, but nice you put some logic to it =)

  22. @Sean White Bezos one was a punt! しかしながら, it wasn’t scaremongering. It was observations. Be glad to know where I was off though.


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