Tether Bombshell Crashes Bitcoin & Crypto MarketsHere’s What You Need To Know


A court case in New York reveals that Tether has been up to no good again, the news sent waves of panic through the markets, but what actually happened?

After recording Bitfinex posted their rebuttal, you can read here https://bitcoinist.com/bitfinex-tethere-850-million-nydfs/


Bitfinex Covered $850 Million Loss Using Tether Funds, NY Prosecutors Allege

TETHER IS A MESS: Incomplete Audits, Lack Of Transparency, Questionable Banking Jurisdictions; Red Flags Abound For Beleaguered Stablecoin

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Tether Bombshell Crashes Bitcoin & Crypto MarketsHere's What You Need To Know

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  2. Binance bans Substratum for shady behaviour.

    Are they going to ban Tether for hyper mega shady behaviour?
    Probably not. Different rules for different fools

  3. ‘Another day in crypto’! Great video Lark!

    Bitcoin ‘halving hype’ on the horizon ..🌬.🏖

  4. Keyword: “Allegedlyis wrote all over the place. A lovely word to get you away with saying anythingSomethings fishy larky!

  5. Really, Quadriga? Oh this story just keep getting better and betterhahahahahaha the way you said that made me die of laughter for some reason!

  6. I still don’t understand why people don’t move from Tether to another stable coin. If a run happens on them we will know i they are really financial. As you said this rolls around every few months.

  7. DEX… Real ones.. that’s what we need.
    DEX that are legally Compliance. That got Volume. BTC Pairs. FIAT gateways.

    Review NASH (NEX) 🙂

  8. Just when Bitcoin finally crossed a major resistance, we have news about Tether. Well timed.

  9. So a company prints its own money and loans it to itself. Sounds like something some banks and government does. The difference here is that Bitfinex doesn’t have the crowns permission to do what banks already do. 笑

  10. Could you please report on any Bitfinex & Tether Links to EOS?
    Should EOS holders be concerned?
    Thank you 🙂

  11. I hope Julian Assange is going to be used as part of the prosecution for many of the deep state corrupt fools. In return, I hope Trump clears Julian of any charges! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. If I wore a hat, it would be off to Bix Weir for sounding the alarm bells on Tether, Bitfinex and the whole crooked cabal.

    Another great video Lark, time well spent.

  13. +Michael Scott No, but if something happens to usdt and all the people that hold it (I know some people that have 100k+ in usdt) waiting for a price drop and buy, all loose there moneyThen all crypto will go DOooooowwwwnnnnnnn cause it’s all a scam…… All of it…….. Until perhaps BTC falls to 800 or so and people start buying up

  14. crashes bitcoin and crypto marketsyou have a funny idea of what a crash is…………

  15. If anyone needs to ban Binance all they have to do is stop using it. Everyone is free to move their crypto elsewhere whenever they want.

  16. The exchange does.great damage to the crypto marketI’m hoping DeX will help fix this.

  17. You have to know mostChineseexchange use USDT as a base currency since the Chinese government banned trading crypto inside China. That is why it sent this panic waves.!!

  18. Michael Scott pray all you want

    Trump is a lying criminal who openly admits his admiration for putin/kim and his desire to run America like Russia and NK.

    You gonna let that happen because you share a label?

    Labels like right/left liberal/conservative etc. are used to divide.

    If for whatever reason you cannot see the lies/corruption from this admin. than you are choosing not to.

    How would god feel about how you’re idolizing a lying philandering racist wanna be thug?

    Organized religion is your first mistake.

    How can a church give you what you already have?

  19. +ElijahDaRealest if moving your crypto elsewhere just move it to your hardware wallet. No need to keep it on exchanges.

  20. Ushdt, TUSD, 等, 等….. are the same thing they are minted from night to day, look at the news of PAX more 10milions from night to day. Mint coin, buy BTC whit that coins, sell BTC to EUR or USD, clear as water. BTC never should have been pared whit other coins only fiat currency


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