テスラ, 林檎, グーグル & More on the Blockchain


European exchange diving into the securities market by offering traditional stocks in the form of ERC20 tokens. Security tokens…….it's happening!


Token Exchange to Enable Trading of Nasdaq-Listed Companies


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テスラ, 林檎, グーグル & More on the Blockchain

32 注釈

  1. Hey lark, can you do another interview with Justin Sun? We need more details on Project Atlas and BTT!

  2. Lark this awesome. What do you make of hybrid blockchains that have both public and private incorporated would love to hear your intake on it

  3. ヨラーク, can you do another segment about skycoin? Alot of exciting things coming soon!!

  4. Hey Lark any word on the street that this could be our new high not our new low. The longer we stay at this level it seems the only way might be down even if it’s down for a short time. Side ways movement has so far equaled a lower high.

  5. Sounds really interresting ..!
    It’s important for the cryptos to be involve to the stock market like Telsa or Appple
    Sooner or later, it will bring them to us too.
    When it will happen, it will prouve to the all world, cryptos are the future for sure

  6. Apart from 24/7 トレーディング, and owning fragments of shares, I don’t see any benefit in buying tokenized shares over the real thing.
    Antanopolous keeps stressing that cryptos will take off NOT when they are used to replace existing technology but do things that only crypto can do.
    This is notdisruptiveenough to start a crypto revolution.

  7. It is part of the transition from the old models, a good start, but you are right

  8. That would be awesome too, have sent so many e-mails to Vechain, never got as much as a no from them

  9. Zeus exchange is doing this on the nem platform, i havent kept up on the progress though, would be super cool to see how it compares!

  10. Agree with you on that point, ひばり. さらに, the opportunity to buy stocks is not so easy for those in many countries, so this use may benefit many people who wouldn’t otherwise have access. Being able to buy fractions of shares is likewise helpful to those folks.

  11. This will provide some very good, convenient options for people to diversify their portfolio whilst remaining in crypto, or reallocate their crypto holdings at the end of the next bull market.

  12. It sounds interestinganother genuine use for other smart contract blockchain too..

    However it is another example of exchanges becoming like the banks of oldthis really has the opportunity to go wrong in the most spectacular way.

    If tether is riskythis seems like a huge risk, as were expecting this exchange to be the custodian of the shares linked to the erc20 token.

    If it’s regulatedand insured and guaranteedthen finethis is where regulation is vital.

    Have I understood this correctly?


  13. Yes it’s the first thing that came to mind! Seems very unsecure without regulation, even with, the fact that you don’t directly own the stock is always a risk. Bit like crypto exchanges..?

  14. I don’t think erc20 token representing equity has much future.
    Companies issuing the equities on blockchain is the future

  15. They shouldn’t buy the stocks. Crypto space should be retaliating by having non-backed derivatives of stocks so less and less money goes to traditional markets.

  16. はい, I would prefer stocks straight on chain, but this is a step in the right direction

  17. +The Crypto Lark Oh I agree. I’m just being emotional. Just feels like it would be the ultimate payback to have non-backed stock derivatives on blockchain to dilute their market just as they’ve done to the crypto market. Non-backed stock futures on the blockchain lol. P/E ratios in theory would suffer (return closer to fair value).


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