TenX President Dr. Julian Hosp Quits! Coinbase vs Bitcoin SV – 暗号ニュース


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このビデオで, Mattie talks about the TenX president Dr. Julian Hosp leaving TenX. He also gives you the latest on the Coinbase and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision controversy. これは毎日のセグメントであります.
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TenX Co-Founder and President Julian Hosp has left the company

I am stepping down as TenX president

I am stepping down as TenX president

TenX on CoinGecko

Altcoin Buzz TenX Tweet

Coinbase Users Still Waiting On Their Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Coinbase Users Still Waiting On Their Bitcoin SV (BSV)

Altcoin Buzz interview with CHAOEX

Altcoin Buzz interview with CHAOEX

BANCA Introduction – Community Speaks

BANCA Introduction – コミュニティはスピークス

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TenX President Dr. Julian Hosp Quits! Coinbase vs Bitcoin SV – 暗号ニュース

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  2. Hey man, love your videos — がんばり続ける. I’d like to know if you would cover $WABI in 2019 some time. They’ve progressed immensely and, 私の考えでは, would be of great value to review them. They actually have a product, optimized their manufacturing costs, increased their sales network, and have plenty of funding left to continue normal business development. Let me know if you need any other information

  3. Julian is a serial quitter, wasted 5 years training to be a doc then left 6 months later to run a pyramid scheme smh.

  4. token pay lost most of its value because for the issuance of new token called tenx….

  5. They hit a wall with the EU and their regs. The mission of having acredit/debtcard was dashed world wide. JS. That is not something that was in their control.

  6. It probably shows how Coinbase didn’t have all the BCH it should have had at the time of the BCH/BSV fork. Remember how long people had to wait for the BCH after those guys forked from Bitcoin? Smells fishy.

  7. maybe a little harsh he seemed genuine and maybe there was differences of opinion going forward and it still could turn out good for tenx i hold some tenx and not really worried

  8. I think that insider’s at coinbase are trading sv and dragging their feet on the wallet .But they told the truth when they said they where participating in the fork .

  9. Binance to support ETH hardfork, but there’s no new coin. It’s a consensus in ETH community to move towards POS from POW.

  10. Hahaha, while announcing his dismissal, Julian Hosp’s face looks like Trevon James after the Bitconnect collapse.

  11. well this is crypto market
    the players in this market are pirates
    it is the wild west basically

  12. Thanks for your video. Btw I`m still waiting for my BTCSV. Coinbase deserves to be sued for that.


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