Ten X Price Ready To Surge in 2018?


Ten X has been flat for sometime now and it just looks like Ten X is getting ready to get some legs under it and run. Ten X is a payment platform that enables you to actually spend your cryptocurrency.

Ten X Price Ready To Surge in 2018?

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  1. This video will definitely cause fomo 😀
    Jeff now ur videos actually affect market

  2. Jeff, Can you do a video on Ethlend? It has an active working product and huge community. Tiny market cap vs Salt. $LEND

  3. Can you please consider talking about Wabi? It’s a brand new coin with an amazing use-case!!

  4. Really like Ten X. Great team and solution. Been holding it for a few months and think there is big upside.

  5. Alexander Hart It certainly isyou can’t have a greater cause than saving babies lives!

  6. Visa to suspend all crypto related debit cards outside European economic area and MasterCard to follow the same route!

  7. Could you make a video on advice for the IRS in regards to taxes with crypto currencies?

  8. Been searching for this infodo you have a link to a source….. I would think these cards would be treated like prepaid cards. So visa itself shouldn’t have any issue unless they don’t want to make money.

  9. Attended one of meetup with founder. Learned the roadmap and guessing the price. No one can tell certainly. This is just prediction.


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