Technologies that will Shape the Blockchain’s FutureVibe, Mana, メタバース


In todays video, we talk about if the Metaverse is possible over the blockchain.

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Technologies that will Shape the Blockchain's FutureVibe, Mana, メタバース

23 注釈

  1. Fitrova FRV to Moon, Listed in 3 Exchanges within 2 weeks of ICO complete, 来週 2 more new exchanges, July month App release, best time to buy now

  2. At last Pavel Durov opened ICO for lesser mortals) Literaaaally for a couple of days they snapped up almost all tokens on

  3. What would make people or developers use decentralland versus something like markspace or creating their own vitural reality space (metaverse)?
    Great video, thanks,

  4. Gary nilknarF I researched Mark.Space. It sounds pretty cool as well, but Decentraland is fundamentally more comprehensive, and is positioned better to be the metaverse platform given it’s current market position. It’s also open source. And to your second point, it’s the same reason that people are building on the Ethereum blockchain. Decentraland is the platform, and VR marketplaces, 企業, etc can be built on top of it.

  5. I think a lot of these fantastic technologies will be implemented by the might of the giants like Google,Face book etc pushing the smaller companies down to the bottom of the pile.Shame !

  6. Kunal Sharma that’s what I was thinking, first to market, and why would somebody else build the world if all they need to do is build their space inside the established world….. I guess it’s about a partnership race now. Whomever gets the most other companies building in their world, will have a network effect that will cause everybody to follow suit, at that time its super dominance and any other world/metaspace will be the desert….. 面白い. I sold my MANA at .17, good profit, but now thinking this is looking better and better.

  7. Great topic, but this was a big fail. VRT world should have been mentioned here. They are building this metaverse that anyone can build on, but more importantly also building on site vrt parks. They secured deals for building these in several countries

  8. Hey what’s your thoughts PoS/Masternode crypto currencies like #DeviantCoin $DEV Super High ROI 600% + And also low market cap + low circulating supply, 感謝

  9. Great video! There are so many new blockchain technologies being introduced, what are your thoughts on grassroots crypto payments? Fast transactions for payment processing, Master Nodes for light wallets and solid roadmap for eCommerce utility, put crypto in the hands of the general public. PluraCoin is a new alt to watch, low cost Q4 hold right now.

  10. you really should look into DECENTRALAND as you didn’t even mention the most important aspects like Genesis City, the auction, LAND, and how it’s a whole new platform for people to do anything you can imagine. ゲーム, 教育, casino, VR, red light distract are just a few examples of what decentraland will offer. It will be a metaverse owned and run by the people completely different to anything else in the blockchain industry. i believe this will create a whole new platform for people to interact on and do anything we can in the real world and a whole lot more, limited only by our imaginations.


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