Taking Profits on Cryptocurrency on The Way Up


Don't be scared to take profits on the way up. As you see your positions grow in multiples, you should also be looking to take profits on the way up withy our cryptocurrency. There are plenty of coins out there to fork your profits into, to get gains.

Taking Profits on Cryptocurrency on The Way Up

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  1. I sold all my 28 Litecoins at 100 (bought them at 58). I was placed a new buy order at 74 usd. Never dipped that low, so now im kicking myself. Well well. Just hodl

  2. Jeff, I just want to say thank you. You’re teaching me a ridiculous amount right now.

  3. I had a friend sell all his Litecoin last week to chase and buy into Bitcoin at its high last week around $17,000. He’s pissed that he missed this opportunity of litecoin going up because of FOMO and greed. I just buy and hold.

  4. BrainTexture I might go in again at 220. Don’t know if it will drop that low but looking at bitcoin history, it might. I really believe long term will be good for ltc. I’m confident it has many more surges in it’s future. What’s that tom petty song……the waiting is the hardest part…..笑

  5. Litecoin will be at $3500 by end of April. Remember this comment. Load up on Litecoin now, as it will be the coin of choice 2018. Just wait, HODL and don’t sell!! さらに, waiting for the dip doesn’t always apply/work.

  6. i agree fully, theres a surge in LTC and ETH which is good. once the average guy with 50 bucks to spend realizes what crypto is and wants to jump in things will move fast. especially if you have like 1k in btc and want to move it and realize it’ll cost you 80 dollars to move it and will take 3 hours to get it moved

  7. this guy has been right on the money overall. i have listened for last 3 weeks and have actually profited. listen everyday

  8. yes teacher. school is the best part of your channel for me. more please and thank u

  9. IOTA is a longrun investment and I think it will be huge in the future 🙂 Of course it will rise in 2018. Be patient with IOTA and enjoy the ride 😉

  10. It’s ok bro. Honestly every coin is still undervalued, so just get back in and you’ll be fine.

  11. Jules Davies-Hinds im pretty new on binance and crypto. Maybe you can help me. I used binance and bought trx under eth $100 worth @0.06. Made a quick run on the way up and miss to take the profits at about $50-$60 and wanted take that out back into gdax or reinvest that gain in binance into another alt coin. I think i misunderstood or confuse on moving profits so i missed that run today unfortunately. So how do i take profit it madr by not touching your initial investment or amount of crypto you have in binance i.e trx

  12. please buy a microphone 🙂 your content is very good but sound is disaster..

  13. This comment aged horribly lol (just for timestamp purposes LTC is at $63, date is August 9th 2018)

  14. well I listened to you, but like some week ago (august) bought it at 50 $ will see for october to january bull run


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