電源を取り戻します, 自分の銀行こと – イーサリアムのMakerDAO Cryptocurrency


MakerDAO running on Ethereum is a game changing crypto allowing you to get frictionless loans removing the middleman and crushing the system. I explain why and show how to take a loan.

開示: これは、研究時間の価値があると判断されたプロジェクトのために無給レビューです, 教育目的のために記録して投稿. 更に, I currently do not hold any Maker, but have a few dai


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電源を取り戻します, 自分の銀行こと – Ethereum's MakerDAO Cryptocurrency

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  2. ねえ, おとこ. I almost got screwed at Paxful. They were not interested in showing any good faith to make it right. If you talk to Ray again, I have pics and associated questions to call him on the people’s carpet. They’re as trustworthy as Mt Gox.

  3. +The Crypto Lark This was super helpful, and a follow up video comparing the three would really help us make use of the opportunity presented however best fits our situation. I’m sure there are pluses and minuses of each option. I’ve actually been thinking of financing a rental property build with SALT, while still letting my crypto appreciate over the year the property is being built and before any rent will be paid. I don’t have to tie up any of my cash while I’m waiting for cashflow, but then I can repay the loan at the end of the year with my cash. It just let’s me take less risk with my own cash during the period in which there is no cashflow from the investment yet. I still wind up having to pay for the build with my own cash eventually unless I do want to sell my crypto to repay it. That’s how it works with SALT anyway. So I’m looking closely at these various options.

  4. You want decentralized banks , check out Apollo Currency fastest crypto in the game most features and decentralized banks Dex built into wallet coming this quarter !

  5. Love these types of decentralized dapps. Also ETHlend is doing some incredible work in the blockchain based peer-to-peer lending space as well.

  6. I’m so excited right now, this is a game changer!
    You are dismiss debt based monetary system, we do not need your services anymore.

  7. Good old ethlend, haven’t looked at it ina long time, but this kind of decentralized lending when it takes off will break traditional finance

  8. +The Crypto Lark Most definitely 🖖. Yeah Ethlend just released a new version of their product that allows people to collateralize Bitcoin now to secure a loan. The new version even allows for Dai to be used as a lending currency 🔥🔥🔥 shits wild how much innovation and building is going on during this bear market. That’s the true bullish indicator in my opinion. 😎

  9. There are a lot of loan tokens. Ethlend, Salt, Maker, probably more. I have been recently teasing myself with the idea of borrowing against my crypto. My major concern being the safety/security of my ‘staked collateralduring the loan and how the loan is enforced. I think a video of lending tokens comparisons would be very popular. Thanks for your hard work & successful advertisement. EDIT: You state your not sponsored but they should sponsor you, Its a good presentation for a good product. 我々 (your viewers) enjoy your show and your time must be paid for some how. Dont be afraid to do a few sponsored presentations.

  10. Hey easemailbox

    They are very safe, インクルード “staked collateralis locked up in a smart contract so it removes the needing to trust someone factor.
    The loan is also enforced via smart contracts.

    Good idea for a lending platform comparison video.

    I do occasionly do sponsored content, but most of the content is not, but thanks for your comment and support, I really appreciate it.

  11. I’ve been in MKR since December at 30% of my long term hold portfolio. I’ve been waiting for the hype 🙌

  12. Sounds like you are on to something. My ears perked up when the information was given 😊

  13. おかげラーク, another great video,
    Have been watching this project for a while now, so it is great to see a live demo.
    I bought some Mkr on Gate back when the price was around $1000, but the spread is now around 12% because there is such low volume and the quantity is too low to bother moving it off the exchange. It is a great project and has a real use case with a solid future return, so would like to see it on more exchanges.


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