SyncFab ICO ReviewManufacturing of the Future


The team at Syncfab are bringing manufacturing and the future to blockchain to increase efficiency and enable small and medium sized businesses to stay competitive in the rapidly changing global economy.
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SyncFab ICO ReviewManufacturing of the Future

28 注釈

  1. i am a furniture and toy designer and i would 100% use this. i could see alibaba using this

  2. Great ICO I have been promoting for about a month, 大好きです, and I see it going to places!!!

  3. They already have contracts with government wow. Great info. I thought cryptospark made a great vid on syncfab. Thanks pal

  4. i am completely sold out with syncfab..its an existing business already and am going heavy with it!

  5. the only thing that scares me a bit about SyncFab is that most of their reviews are sponsored including the ICOdrops listing (sponsored as well)…perhaps its just this ICO winters that has made me paranoid. Regardlessthanks for your efforts Crypto Lark!

  6. Thank you for all your ICO reviews , It would be extremely nice if at the end of your presentations you could just give each ICO an actual score. In this way people can appreciate the weight and quality of the project.

  7. おかげラーク. This one has potential LT. They recently presented to Mitsubishi and were the only company considered. Hoping to see a partnership develop. A partnership with LOCI for their IP portion seems like a good fit too.

  8. Since they’re an existing company, I am guessing they already have established clients, which puts this in a good position. Got a bag!

  9. Thanks for being upfront with saying they sponsored you to do this review! That means a lot!

  10. Anyone grab some Nexus at such a beautiful price.. $2.30 say whaaat.. $$$$ mmmhm.. How low can it go!

  11. When is your next live chat? Can you please review Bluzelle and Polymath?

    Thanks for all the great advice! The only channel I actually like to keep up with!

  12. They have unlocked 30% of the founds for parthners to start project. For me is red flag as this guys can dump price

  13. good report 🙂 impressive ICO
    I know first-hand how difficult it is to land a manufacturing contract and it takes time. This shows massive potential for exponential hardware tech growth.

  14. They are both on the community coin vote this week, I have a feeling one of the will win though !

  15. As a CNC machinist and big into crypto. I wanted to go down this same road with blockchain. Except mine was leaning more towards education and brining manufacturing back into schools. It’s in high demand and we need our younger generation doing it.

  16. Manthos Kollaros I feel the opposite! I think it encourages viewers to ignore the content and skip straight to the score.

  17. i agree this is also worries me there popping up every where and spending money so maybe a good thing

  18. Hey Crypto Lark ! Thanks for SyncFab ICO Review.
    What do you think aboutCloudFishThey just announced the ICO plan.
    Thank you for the info and research!

  19. Great review Lark! Think you could do something like this with a couple projects like Fr8 Network and/or Muirfield IP? Been hearing alot about them and they seem really interesting. Thanks man.


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