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The super rich's family offices are a little discussed factor in the crypto markets, but they are a powerful force to rival the big banks and wall street.



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スーパーリッチ静かビットコインを集結 & 暗号




35 注釈

  1. Great video bro, i just wonder why you keep looking at the side of the webcam? Reading a script!?

  2. It’s been obvious since last December when BTC crashed from 19K to 7.5K. Futures trading started and then institutional involvement scared the crypto kids down to 3.3K.

  3. Just my notes to make sure I cover all of the points, not a script, been back and forth on so many methods, all of them result in me looking off screen except a teleprompter, which is not good either, just want to make sure that I get all the facts right

  4. They can push the price down as far as they want. Dollar cost averaging types like me will continue to buy. Picked up another 0.61 btc a couple days ago and I get paid again next week.

  5. A family office would be obliterated by divorce if a working class guy tried to form one. All it takes is for one greedy disloyal woman and all the fruits of your labor are wrecked.

  6. Just now there is an obvious disconnect between Price and value but the gap will close when real world usage feeds through to the exchanges. One of the pure crypto currencies will likely lead the way and I don’t think it will be BTC.

  7. I agree with you. When people expect institutional investors to make them rich, they are delusional. We did not need the rich to get Crypto to 800 十億. Now the rich is involved we are at 100 十億. They will probably get it to 50 Billion and then buy most of it from the regular folks and by the time regular folks get in, it will be 5 Trillion dollars and then they will dump on them.

  8. We can blame the ‘controllededucational system for keeping kids dumbed down regarding financial issues.

  9. +P MurphyWhen Bitcoin is at $100k+ many will wish they could have bought at $19k. hodl always wins in the long run.

  10. 笑, retail investors did not inject the Captial for Bitcoin to reach $19k. that was 100% Institutional money. Wall Street bought it up, made it nearly inaccessible for retail investors to get whole Bitcoins. Then slowly bleed it down all year long despite all the positive news. Selling to their Wall street insider friends. Now that its at all time lows, the retail investors are afraid of it and Wall Street is soaking it up. Wall Street saw Roger Ver and bitmain/jihan Vu as existential threats to their new found wealth. So they have to bleed Bitmain to death before they can run Bitcoin up again. And its working. When Bitmain files for Bankruptcy, thats when you will see the next bull run. And bakkt will keep getting delayed until then. I believe the plan is to run Bitcoin up to $50k-$75k then to protect Wall Streets Profits, start layering 401k money on top of their investment. So any early adopters who start cashing out, will cash out on 401k money instead of Wall Street insider money. And once Bitcoin is in 401k money, everyone with a 401k and Bitcoin inside of it, will have an incentive to buy more Bitcoin. Because it will make their 401k more profitable and they can retire sooner. Campaigns will be run: “Help your grand parents retire sooner, buy Bitcoin. Its brilliant.

  11. +Ster Ling
    Yeah it’s not very politically correct but it is true more often than it isnt.

  12. My friends wife used to work for a Family Office, and she said half the job was hiding money and the other half growing it.

  13. I dont get them tubers that check the CRYPTO coin market cap at start of video😂😂

  14. +Brismo Your argument is moot. By selling at ATHs of 17, 18 $19,000 and buying back at 6 ,5 ,4 そして $3250 I’ve tripled my bitcoin holdings. Yours have stayed exactly the same. If you’re a serious bitcoin holder, move to a tax free location.

  15. +P Murphy
    I’ve known guys who tried to call the top at 1000 and sold, expecting it to go down but it kept going past the previous all time high and left them stranded in cash. I’m not saying you’re right and I’m glad you raked in some profit but the top wasn’t all that obvious to me so I held. If I could go back in time sure I’d sell but if I had a time machine I’d buy microsoft or ebay early on. Next time though I’ll try to be more alert to the possibilities and take some profits.

  16. +Brismo From what I read, it’s not that they understand “お金”, it is just that they don’t value your valued form of money.
    Think of the granny who gives her grandson the first scarf she ever knitted. It has tremendous value to her, so she thinks he will be able to appreciate her gift. The dude just stuffs it with his dirty socks with no second thought.
    Does that mean he disrespects/dislikes his grandma? ノー. He simply has different values compare to her. If she wanted to make a much more appreciated gift, she could have given him something else that he values at that time.
    Same thing with cryptos: so far, it is only valued AMONG a small community of like-minded people. It might or might not get wide adoption in the future, but that doesn’t really matter to those who already value it. 🙂

  17. Aye, most of these rich bitcoin buyers are pre-banking on the demand for BTC in the next few years.
    I’m not convinced this is going to do good to the cryptomarkets, because hoarding tends to strangle the circulating supply and deprive people who are REALLY in need. The UAE played that card back in the 1970s and 1980s, when they used their monopoly of oil production to hit the US and EU stockmarkets. 最近, nobody cares about oil, but Dubai sheiks have gotten crazy rich in the meantime.

    I can definitely see those rich latino/as selling a BTC in Brazil or Argentina for 10 若しくは 15 times its current value in the next few years; meanwhile their people will be begging for it because there is will be no more USD available. Satoshi Naksdream will definitely come true, but not in the people-focused environment s/he envisioned
    Bitcoin will certainly allow peer-to-peer usury to become normal practice in the future.

  18. P MurphyYour forgetting that part of the reason for holding Crypto is to be outside of the fractional reserve banking system! There is in reality nothing in these banks! You can make as much paper profit as you like but in reality your holding nothing (unless your an expert who can move in and out quickly which you may be)

  19. The comment wasn’t necessary a jerk one. When I read it I thought of rich dad, poor dadthe poor buy stuff, new trainers, new video game, 6 cans of red bull individually from the shop at full price. A lot of poor do waste their money. Not all of course and it’s not like the system educates them on personal finance. The rich acquire assets and keep getting more assets, cashflow, passive income and all of that. I also thought of the richest man in babylon‘you do eat the children of your earningsor however it is phrased. And there’s the old Bible quote ‘to those who have everything, more will be given’.

  20. I’ll make a predictionwhile everyone’s backs are turned and enjoying the xmas period, they’ll be a major pump. ie Xmas day. People will then believe bottom is in and FOMO in again. I’m sure when Central Bank took over in 1913 it was the xmas period (23rd I think) – while everyone’s looking in a different direction. We know price is getting manipulated for the rich. そう, in short, $2800 by 25th Dec…$5000 by 31st Dec.

  21. The thing is People, Don’t sell your Cryptos so these super rich buy up even more at lower prices. These are some of the greediest people on Earth. True that we never needed institutionalised money or the Wall street Crooks and co

  22. Tremendous amount of purchasing power is right. Not sure if it’s because they believe in the potential or because they can’t literallyaffordnot to. 🙅‍♂️ Thanks for the consistant talks of truth brother.

  23. The concern I have is not the banks investing in crypto, it’s the banks buying crypto to shut it down.

  24. An friendly reminder: 17,427,912 BTC circulating. Max. Supply 21 mio.
    Calculate how much left. The big guys are accumulating!
    Stock Market at all time high. Bond market not good. China looking worse.
    They are slowly getting in

  25. Elaborate, please.. ..your reasoning?…isn’t BTC ‘pure’?…agree with ur distinction price/value, mostly overlookedWhich one(S) will it be in ur opinion?…

  26. はい, you need adoption. What you need us time. Fiat is failing, the money will come. Time, time is all you need, and some discretionary fiat to buy it. Your not buying now, don’t cry at 20K, 100K, or the first time it hits a million. Your fault. If your just broke, 👍I get it.


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