Substratum / SUB ReviewDecentralizing Internet Freedom

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Substratum is offering to pay you for securing a free and fair web, the future is awesome.

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Substratum / SUB ReviewDecentralizing Internet Freedom

41 注釈

  1. love your videos man! i missed you friday.. !!!!! wish i can catch you live one day. our hours dont match from NY.

  2. Lark i freaking love your videos!!!! So easy for a newbie like me to understand these projects and their importance. Thanks for doing what you do and loving what you do 🙂

  3. ねえ! Already made a video on it, but it was back at the start of the channel so the quality is not super awesome. Really cool project though. Will be interviewing the CEO from BQX soon

  4. ありがとうございました! Glad to hear that, it is a big part of the reason behind what I do

  5. The Crypto Lark I have neo, ETH, BTC, XRP (although im not sure I want ripple), and thinking of getting some omg and sub. This good? I want powr too but waitinf for the fork

  6. Something else to noteSUB has announced they will burn a ton of tokens once they hit Bittrex.. that should make for an interesting “bittrex listing party” as they call it. 😉

  7. Great job as usual Lark, you just reviewed my favorite alt. I didn’t invest in the ICO as i don’t invest in any ICO’s. I patiently waited for it on and bought a decent amount. やはり, basically anytime I have fiat to put into the crypto space, I put it into Substratum. Im very bullish on it and I’m long holding it completely. Not trading unless theres a big pump before 2018, then I’ll sell profits and buy the dip. I like their team a lot however I do agree with you that they need to really consider expanding their team in all aspects if they want to be a relevant force into creating web 3.0 bit at this point I think they’re managing their resources fine.

  8. ありがとうございました! I am sure they will be expanding massively soon. This is indeed a great long hold.

  9. This is my biggest low cap position. I just really hope, いいえ, pray (ハハハ), that they deliver the tech and it works.

  10. el Bruce just got lucky with the results. I really just believe in the project. My friends in Ethiopia live behind the invisible wall.

  11. amasilma yes, they will lower the # of coins in circulation at the same time they hit Bittrex. This project is awesome in a sea of overhyped projects IMO.

  12. Bittrex is up to it’s neck in verification issuespeople waiting for a month with no support replies, to be verified and funds locked downI’ll be throwing a party when I get off their exchange.

  13. excellent video very well explained and detailed a great start of project continues to improve your videos


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