Substratum Founder Justin Tabb InterviewDecentralization is Freedom


Founder Justin Tabb and I talk about all things Sub in this fun and informative interview! Check it out!
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Substratum Founder Justin Tabb InterviewDecentralization is Freedom

41 注釈

  1. When earning substrate, the more you own, the more you can earn. My question is, how do they know how much you have, particularly if you are hosting on a couple of your computers?

  2. cuz you input your wallet where to receive the subs and they can see how much you have there it is showed i think in 1 of theyr videos

  3. still ok for now, only just, but even the locals talk about a crackdown coming soon. Need an alternative for sure.

  4. What is there to prevent the ISPs from slowing or blocking access to a substratum network?

  5. Justin Tabb bring very good point on their competition..Coudn’t agree more. I’m gonna sell my Maidsafecoin…. Lark do you think Substratum is still a good buy at the current value (I’m longterm) ?

  6. うん, looks decent still, the gains will be a bit smaller, but I bought some around this price

  7. If nothing is stoping them than what is the point. I would like to hear an in depth answer to this.

  8. It is pure https traffic. So you need to track millions nodes globally and somehow control it. This why nobody can stop torrents

  9. Its just theory thishiding in plain sightif it was so viable why does tor not do it already? If they ever do get it working its going to take a lot longer than people think. And what if ISPs put everything on slow lanes and put things like facebook on fast lanes if they pay? Substratum would be useless.
    Also they are centralizedcompanywith an office in the USA what is stopping them from being shut down, they had an ICO the SEC could give them hell.

  10. Definitely at least they put out their Alpha project and seeing their application preview

  11. Just added to my position on this big BTC correction. This will be at $1 very soon. I have 500 tokens and ready to go

  12. I just bought 850 SUB after reading the white paper and watching interviews like this. Hodle long term and adding to positon on dips.

  13. What are your thoughts on holding Sub long term now….Feb 18….given the Data Dash issue….no clear roadmap going forward….等

  14. Because unlike Tor, Substratum hides their packets withinregularTCP/IP traffic. They can’t slow it down because they can’t identify it.

  15. +Chris R
    Also they are centralizedcompanywith an office in the USA what is stopping them from being shut down, they had an ICO the SEC could give them hell.

    In their early stage, they can be shut down like any other new crypto. しかしながら, once they launch the blockchain, it can’t be shutdown.


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