Stellar XLM to Airdrop $125 百万 – 今日の暗号化ニュース


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このビデオで, Mattie talks about the upcoming Stellar airdrop as well as the most important news from last week. He also gives you the latest from Dash. これは毎日のセグメントであります.
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Stellar is airdropping $125 million to Blockchain Wallet users

ステラ (XLM) price

Blockchain on Twitter

Claim Your Free Stellar XLM

Stellar is airdropping $125 million to Blockchain Wallet users

DASH Launched Text Payment Service

Dash Text opens to public in Venezuela enabling DASH payments via SMS

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Stellar XLM to Airdrop $125 百万 – Today's Crypto News

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  1. ニュース: China’s Central Bank Moves to Restrict Airdrops
    two days laterStellar announces huge airdrop

    imo that’s a bad decision of stellar. not because of China but because of the SEC. That may backfire because of all these utility and security discussions

  2. Once your identity has been verified, you will receive $25 worth of XLM. This is just the beginning. By verifying your identity, you will be automatically entered into additional giveaways.

    Giving away anonymity for $25 is a bad deal.

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  4. All this is big game for big goverments earnings with TAXATION on crypto. Because crypto to crypto is taxable and spend crypto is also taxable. So when you spend you must pay VAT + TAX on capital gain. This is stupid. This is why goverments love crypto. Idea is DECENTRALIZATION out of institutions not CENTRALIZATION.

  5. As a period of low volatility is often followed by a big move, we might expect some more vigorous trading action soon – possibly on the higher side, courtesy of the last week’s bullish hammer candle. しかしながら, it’s worth noting that bitcoin has been trading in a narrow range for months now and a promised sustained shift to either bulls or bears has so far not materialized. Thanks to Jacob for maximum ROI.

  6. Nothing seen so far,i received an email with the text,your on the list!!
    And next???,nothing.


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