Stellar Lumens vs RippleStellar is Ripple Fork Turned App Developer


One of the most influential individuals in cryptocurrency, Jed McCaleb is a key player in the development of both Ripple and Stellar Lumens. Ripple went in the direction of providing services to banks and Stellar Lumens stayed under the radar also developing tokens on its application developer platform.

Stellar Lumens vs RippleStellar is Ripple Fork Turned App Developer

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  1. やあみんな, thank you to everyone who is LIKING these videos and showing their support for the channel. Not sure how many of you stuck around til the end but, I asked for you all to share some Cryptocurrency jokes with us, to share on some of these broadcasts. Thank you to everyone who contributes. – Jeff

  2. I don’t own a bank account but ive heard of and would like to use cryptocurrency, said no one ever

  3. I like Stellar because of other uses than value transfer, but for value transfer I use Raiblocks because of free transactions, decentralization and even faster than Ripple.

  4. Such an idiotic reply. There is a technological wave sweeping south america right now. All transactions and cash kept on person via cash and gold. This is most of the case in countries in south east Asia. We don’t all live in first world countries open ya miiindddd kid

  5. Hey Jeff good show. I’m with Bitcoin and Ethereum but even with these cryptos I bought ripple as I see it being there along with the beloved cryptos. Even crap floats in water alongside luxury yachts in the same ocean. In it for the gains

  6. Thank you so much Jeff for FINALLY making a video on Stellar. It is an absolute sleeping giant with HUGE plans up their sleeves waiting to be rolled out this year. This video doesn’t touch base on the astronomical foundation that stellar is about to set forward and the lightning fast and cheap transactions is just the beginning in the grand scheme of Stellar.

    Stellar starts with distributing the global wealth to the masses of the people. There are huge untapped markets in South America and South east Asia that hold all value in either fiat or gold. Stellar aims to target these individual and is actually happening right now in Africa where I am in chat with one of ceo at who have financial institutions in Singapore, ウガンダ, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Bulgaria and have been testing stellar for over 18 months and everything is going phenomenal just to give an example.

    Aside from that IBM has been an absolute steamtrain as a partner! They are teasing and under works of an atomic swap that will run on the Stellar network. This means changing fiat to crypto SEAMLESSLY on a mobile device. Potentially eliminating the need for exchanges. This will open the floodgates of floodgates and steam a hell lot of coinbase’s thunder. See them on twitter here @fairxio. This will allow technologically uninclined people to get on and easily purchase crypto and convert to any currency on the network.

    Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for internet commerce. They have recently announced they will be cutting support for bitcoin in 2 months and looking for other viable options. Stellar is one of the candidates and Stripe has actually provided seed funding for stellar.

    IBM partners with Maersk to revolutionize the commerce industry. The payment and processing sector of the commerce industry costs about 30% of the shipping costs. IBM will engineer and update a system that has not long been touched. Can you guess what payment system will be powering the new transaction system? Yup you guessed it.

    In a nutshell you have to look at the entire vision of Jed. The project is absolutely incredible and it will be a titan of a global system. Stellar will connect the world to a TRUE one world economy and link the world on an evolved network of payment and receiving system that this modern world beckons for.

    One last note. Jed at Stellar knows that long sustained growth is the best growth. This is why Stellar keeps things under the wraps and remains under the radar but has since climbed from 18th to 6th in a matter of months. Stellar does not do flashy news releases but I know they have game changing projects up ahead. Thank you Jeff for finally making a video on Stellar. If only this was on steemit I’d get a heck of a payout for this comment huh? 😉 Cheers!

  7. I can NOT wait to see Ripple get overthrown by it’s brother and then Stellar finally dethroning Ethereum as number 2.

  8. Everything you guys do, all this great vids and sharing all this info is greatly appreciated on my end. Thank you and stay blessed 🙏🏼

  9. Stellar looks good, just like Steem. Anything Protocol Cryptos will be hot in 2018!

  10. Ripple the company is centralised. Xrp is decentralisedpeople need to understand this.

  11. Sure that is why there have “trusted” operators registered in the Ripple network and open coin owns 60% コイン. I am not convinced this is decentralized, when they fix this then we can talk again. And they have a plan to do just this.

  12. I own XLMMade a boat load on xrp at .11 . However grab a bag of both. You wont be disappointed on either in long term!

  13. XRP and XLM both have their use-cases. XRP is the best solution for banks, allowing them to save potentially billions of dollars. But I see XLM as the ‘people’ コイン, that individuals and businesses can use. Both can exist at the same time.

  14. stellar and cardano is going to be big i see a lot of new projects being develop on both platforms

  15. KIN is also on Stellar platform.
    Not to mention that Stripe will use Stellar Lumens for its transactions instead of BTC.

  16. A guy from Altcoin Buzz walked into a bar, the bartender saidWhat will it be?”, the guy replied Stellar artois pleasedo ya take ripple?
    I’m really bad at jokes. 笑

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