サムスンS10 Enjin噂, トロンのアップグレード, CoinbaseのXRP, Stratisとマイクロソフト, EOS – 暗号ニュース

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Enjin is rumored to partner with Samsung and is currently up 132%, Tron is upgrading, XRP is going on Coinbase Pro, Microsoft Azure listed Stratis and more. Today has been a crazy day in crypto!

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XRP on Coinbase Pro

Tron TRX Upgrade in 3 日々

TRON Hits Hard Fork AnnouncementAims To Upgrade 4 New Features

トロン [TRX] to launch 3.5 Hard Fork upgrade this February, Justin Sun Reveals

Tron Price Continues Bearish Trend Despite Protocol Upgrade Announcement

Images of the Samsung #GalaxyS10 'Knox' Wallet looks oddly Familiar! エンジン



Electroneum Launches Revolutionary Cellphone, Introducing M1


Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing service created by #Microsoft, recently listed Stratis in its products’ section.

Microsoft Azure to Launch a New ICO Platform with Stratis

Stratis blockchain announces highly anticipated sidechain masternodes

*[For reference older 25th Oct News]* HTTPS://medium.com/@Stratisplatform/stratis-is-now-a-certified-microsoft-partner-36be65b59a95

EOS Update and #Fortnite Mastermind Tim Sweeney DefendsBlockchain Bloat

Eos to Be Used by 300 Million Users on Tapatalk, Real Mainstream Use Case


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サムスンS10 Enjin噂, トロンのアップグレード, CoinbaseのXRP, Stratisとマイクロソフト, EOS – 暗号ニュース




32 注釈

  1. Better go buy XRP before the price moons 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🙏

  2. タイムスタンプ:

    CoinbaseのXRP – 1:12
    Tron Hard Fork – 2:19
    Enjin and Samsung – 4:54
    Electroneum Launches M1 Phone – 8:42
    Microsoft and Stratis – 10:57
    EOS and Tapatalk – 12:20

  3. Mike Bravo I’m not going to buy a coin that doubled in price just because they think it’s partnering with Samsung

  4. Biggest partnership in crypto ever? No 👎 stop hyping it up and it’s not a guarantee that every single android user will even be interested in the crypto wallet not to mention all the other features this phone will offer

  5. Mike Bravo it shot up to 137% then down in half hour to 100%
    That’s pump and dump

  6. Galaxy S10 is a vastly overpriced letdown. Samsung is getting like Apple now with their new smartphone prices. GO HUAWEI OR XIAOMI and get proper value.

  7. ChrisHQCrypto of course not all Samsung galaxy s10 users will understand or be interested in crypto but at the very least it gives crypto exposure to tens of millions of people. It’s about awareness and marketing and a huge step forward to the mainstream.

  8. It’s fake news. My friends an engineer at Samsung and got first look at the S10 hands on. He said there’s no crypto wallet. Screen shot my comment and come back.

  9. Listen up, all holders of Pundi X (NPXS)! Now there is a free distribution of tokens for holders on gocrypto.fun/pundiX

  10. Elastos is looking great as well. Elastos has been invited by The World Bank to do a presentation & also TV Box units equipped with Elastos Carrier has reached the 1 million mark through their hardware collaboration with Shanghai Shijiu TV.

  11. I don’t like XRP and I believe in ENJ, but let’s be realistic, Enjin has been so undervalued for long long time, のみ 1 billion total supply (XRP has about 100 十億, just to compare them in a financial view)

  12. just check the xrp / btc price at the previous bitcoin bullrun in 2017, that’s whypure manipulation

  13. just check the xrp / btc price at the previous bitcoin bullrun in 2017… XRP / usd have stayed on a stable position meanwhile the btc value has dropped back to 2500 satwhen the btc price went to 17-20K then they pumped the price to 18000 sat… 100% pure manipulation

  14. I agree with Chris, we’ve seen many unconfirmed announcements in cryptospace. Enjin is a good project, but this pump is based on manipulation and speculation. 一方, it’s good marketing

  15. The enjin wallet is not pre installed on Samsung s10’s I work for a cell phone company and have pictures/video to prove it. You have to download the app which is no different than any other crypto wallet in the App Store/playstore. Just trying to help get the facts out.

  16. Most Samsung native apps are just rubbish and not used. Their calender, browser, music player, bixby all absolutely rubbish with the rest if the crap you can’t delete and just deactivate.

  17. Elastos have screwed up everything they’ve touched. Avoid this total scam that was purely a money grab by Rong Chen, Huobi and his Chinese whale buddies.

  18. ETN!!! Use my referal code CE4C93
    This is a code from when the app was first released!
    to get more from your mining!


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