Safex Delisted Cryptopia? – Here is What You Can Do

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Safex first was delisted by Bittrex, now it appears as though Safex is being delisted from Cryptopia.

Safex Delisted Cryptopia? – Here is What You Can Do




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  1. I tried buying SafeEx last night on Cryptopia and it was hanging out around $.24 cents and the people there were selling it for around $.40cents. I could not find anything cheaper. I sure as hell didn’t buy at $.40cents. Not sure if this is what they were talking about. Jeff, you’re the man. You have provide top-notch info so thank you so much!

  2. They’re not day traders making drama, just a bunch of people wanting a million overnight…. very immature

  3. Day traders lose 90-95% 時間とともに. I was a day trader and lost money. It is losers game and most can’t make it. Now I buy, hold and accumulate. That’s how u build wealth without the stress.

  4. Listen man, you really help me so much and I am not someone that takes you for granted and don’t think that your not helping so many people. アイム 15 and when I see your videos I am estatic and please just don’t stop you don’t realize how much you are benefiting my trading and I love when you post man.

  5. I think we all want a million overnight, however most of us realize it doesn’t work that way….

  6. Man those numbers had my running to my laptop thinking that was true. It’s not that big of a deal but would you mind just adding a “0” before the 2 & 4 because it’s going to have a lot of people jumping lol you got me forsure

  7. Jeff, I’ll back you up that day trading isn’t the best idea. A few co-workers of mine do what you define as day trade with some funds. HOWEVER, they define that money as *gambling money* fully aware that they can lose it all. Compared to their total holdings it’s less than 10%. And on some trades (IOTA at a high comes to mind) haven’t panned out well and become HODL.

    If you are day trading, view your funds as gambling money you will lose. It’s entertainment when you do that, not investing.

  8. musamushi rinnedy Yeah, funfair!! I’ve held a bunch of those coins for weeks and it’s gradually creeping up with little mention on any of the channels I watch.

  9. Cryptorose don’t discourage people from doing something just because you sucked at it. Misery loves company I guess

  10. I hold fun and will add more before Q1 of 2018 – would be interested in your thoughts too.

  11. Love your videos. I’m really learning a lot about what to look for. Gotta admit I’m a noob to cryptos but been investing traditionally off and on for awhile, so I at least get the basics of everything. The bottom line is treat anything you put into the market as gone. Never risk anything you’re not willing to lose. I’ll obviously watch the markets when I can, but I work for a living!! You can’t invest smart on emotion.

  12. Don’t worry and keep doing your thing AltCoin Buzz, don’t change your approach on a couple newbies, your guysopinion have assisted me a ton, love your perspective

  13. Good point. Although I think there is sometimes a sweet spot in the middle. Swing trading can be effective to take profits or accumulate more. Something I try to do

  14. Yeah I made a blunder I actuall bought for 4 cents and later realized that it was the sell price and not the market priceunfortunate

  15. damn, i was literally sitting around thinking about selling 30 minutes before they closed the market. oh well, one can hope that safex get’s in on another exchange.

  16. Hi Cryptorose!, I just started in this cryptoworld, and I buyed with 100$, 50$ of IOTA 35$ of Substratum and 15$ of Quantstamp.
    今, I would like to place 200$ on Electroneum, verge and maybe SAFEX. What are your suggestion, am I doing good?
    These I want to keep for like 3 年, my domain is web developement, not tranding altcoins. What do you suggest, 感謝!

  17. The sercet to day trading is to focus on your loses, forget about making money. Very easy said but only a few can do. 例,i make 10k on last trade, what if i put all that into next trade…. greed has most my the balls.

  18. My SAFEX is stuck in cryptopia after the delisting, How do I transfer it out to my wallet?


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