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24 注釈

  1. Would like your insights on strategy BSV may be trying to pull off right now. The stake are getting incredible so I don’t believe the timing of BSV rise is coincidence. What would you do if you were Craig to dominate market either with your own coin or to bring money into BSV then sell it for BTC or BCH?

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  3. Very unfortunate that you showed one photo of Ron Paul after another while talking about “a Congressman who wants to ban Bitcoin.” Many May not realize that Ron Paul retired and that you were referring to a different, current Congressman.

  4. hodling will only lead you to more loss and make you frustrated i would advice you reading this to invest and trade no matter how small coin you have left

  5. Thanks a lot for giving me hope Alfred I will never stop talking about your program you are the first person I ever trusted and the result was positive thanks for giving me 8btc in few weeks with my little 1btc TODAY bitcoin is $3,700 and hodlas are in pains because they refuse to listen and my father is one of them now he is full of regrets.

  6. You should edit your videos better. I don’t like how you were showing pictures of Ron Paul (a former congressman) while talking about a congressman that wants to ban bitcoin. You sended the wrong message for the first two minutes of your video. You should of been showing pictures of Ben during the first two minutes.

  7. Dont put Ron up there while talking about another congressman. That’s false advertisement bro! If anybody knows Ron Paul he is actually a crypto advocate, or any kind of currency by the people for the people as stated in the constitution. Unfortunately we have a monolithic banking cartel under the federal reserve, which is a private bank

  8. If they’re trying to ban bitcoin, you know it’s a threat to them and something you should invest in. If it wasn’t a threat they wouldn’t be trying to ban it.

  9. GrizOfLafayette as well as other crypto’s, don’t think it will be just one, will be a few crypto’s that co exists together as well at least for a while as well.

  10. A ban on bitcoin or any crypto, will only increase it’s value.look at how bitcoin rose when, china spoke of a ban. Look at what their saying if India ban’s crypto,they have people looking forward to the ban. Why are they looking forward to it, because it will raise prices of cryptio currency.Besides sides this currency is, bought and sold on line in nearly every country.

    Even those countries with a ban, are finding out stopping people from earning/trading is not easy. Look at Russia it’s not quite legal there,now look at all the venders from Russia. Do you see them working hard to stop it, no because it provides a source of income to both.Look what the U.S government would looe in taxes,most know no one can save any one currency by banning every thing else.

    It dose need rules,rules that come from the inside out.this will allow bitcoin to hook up,where it’s best for bitcoin and can do the most good. Any other way will stunt the growth of crypto currencies ,or maybe even kill it off.One person several years ago, who was an professor on currency said. He was surprised to see how well it worked, but it only worked that well because it was small. If it became large it probably would destroy it self,unless very carefully handled till it basially grew up.

    This I totall agreed with,we need a country like the U.S to set standards.Standards like how many digits is in a bitcoin,the standard is 9 digit but all over you can see it played with up to 18 digits.For those who offer wallets/banking and store on their site,they need to carry insurance in case of an accident.Same with employers using bitcoin and exchanges ,not to menton places like CoinPot.

    No not the CB/IMF,nothing like that. They need to be kept as far away as possable,yes their there and we know it always trying to get control.One that comes to mind is J.P morgan Chase, but their not the only ones either. Also not so called coin companies,companies like Spectra and company.What ever is done will either push back, the trouble makers or set them free on us all.This will help keep the value of cryptic currency,while helping all those who buy / sell and use cryptic currency.

    When one country dose this,the others will follow shortly.Because it will help protect their people,mean while proving crypto currencies a valueable /stable asset. A asset that each country can develop a coin off of,which can stablize their own currency if done right.The can adjust their courts to help, make sure it works well in their system.This will also allow them to put pressure on, cryptic currencies repersentives/developers.

    By going this route,it will assure bitcoin will go on for many decades to come. But thats where are work starts in,we need to explain to people what bitcoin is and how it works.Not explain in our way of understanding,but in a way they can understand and see the value.Such as we say miner’s are getting paid for the work ,they veriy all transactions to make sure it’s ok.
    Where it should be said,when we say that. We pay for people like para legal’s / court clearks news reporters info and more, and we pay them for the accuate info they provide.This is paid for with satoshies instead of cash, which is little checks that have been verified to be good . Yes that is a pain doing it this way,but by doing it this way people like that senator can’t make it a mysterious boogey man.


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