Robinhood Vs. AcornsUsing Acorns after QuittingWhy I Reinvested


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Robinhood Vs. AcornsUsing Acorns after QuittingWhy I Reinvested

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  1. I just have a few questions which apps have you used that have gained the most money? What amount of funds have you started with for each app you’ve tried?

  2. Acorns will not have tax forms available until 3/15!! Totally unacceptable. Do not use unless you don’t mind filing your taxes soo late.

  3. Acorns is about long term investing. It’s basically a savings account. 大好きです.

  4. LOL I really like watching your videos on the acorn subject 🙂 I am brand new to investing completely and just found out about this app. Been doing research on youtube about it and have watched how you went from liking to hating to liking to its ok its average 🙂 From what I can tell it looks like regardless you can do better investing with robinhood app but it takes more research and focus. with acorn a newbie like me can instantly get in and start off.

    kind of reminds me of a starter deck for trading card games vs a customized deck.

  5. Just subscribed. Looking to start investing but before for i do I’m trying to get a grasp and i must say you are helping me a lot! 良い仕事を続けます

  6. Timothy Gray my experience. あります 2400 in acorns 6 ヶ月. 40 dollars in dividends and 125 dollars profit. it’s slow money. with acorns 6 months invested 3k I am up to 5500 ! And back down to 2800. moral of the story is if u don’t know what u are doing stick with acorns. when i did robimhood I had terrific luck at first 2k profit in a week. months later I lost 2.5k . big gamble when u don’t know market

  7. I’m so confused, おとこ. Did you lose money? Is that why you keep reverting back to apps during different time frames? I love your path, but you bash one and then come back to it; seems hypocritical.

    言われていること, I love seeing your pros and cons however. そう, at least I’m learning from your mistakes as well. Good job and nice videos.


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