Plan ₿ with Crypto.Com! North Korea Bitcoin? BitTorrent Launch! Nuls 2.0, Tomochain – ビットコインのニュース


North Korea Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

1 Million Users on Launch plan B


VOID 2.0 — Introducing The World’s Most Adaptive Blockchain

Bittorrent Launches Ahead of Schedule Tron

BitTorrent to Launch BLive Ahead of Schedule

Tomochain Long Vuong Present to Vietnam's Ministry of Justice about the benefits of public blockchain

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Plan ₿ with Crypto.Com! North Korea Bitcoin? BitTorrent Launch! Nuls 2.0, Tomochain – ビットコインのニュース

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  1. Some people need to question their favorite project and read about NULS 2.0, just because other projects have bigger market caps it does not make their tech better.

  2. How can you not cover Celsius Network i mean just look at all the numbers Aum, Rates etc Alex Machinsky as ceo and Ltc foundation just signed up with them not to mention all the things ahead in the pipeline, their exponential growth over the passed year on so on. Like the channel

  3. So they created what they call their own Bitcoin lmao dont worry people when Bitcoin is trading at 1million all these bogus Bitcoin ideas will gravitate to the one and only the real BTC lol

  4. @87Kidpoker I follow Celcius very closely. Their platform is great however their token utility has been questionable since the regulation update a few months ago. I have seen the new regulation updates as well, and it has become more relevant and so we will be covering it. Thanks for your message, covering good working products is all we are about.

  5. Bitcoin logo on Elton John’s Watford FC shirts again this weekend against English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Premier League Champions ⚽️ Manchester City.

    Next Łitecoin sponsored NFL game 🏈 at Miami Dolphins Hard Rock Stadium against LA Chargers in two weeks time 🐬 Łitecoin up in lights for the rest of NFL season (which has only just begun)


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