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ペトロドルは炎でゴーイング・ダウン – ビットコインを購入




49 注釈

  1. They are doing everything to hold BTC and Gold downIts the end of the petrol dollar..Iran China and Russia are using gold in exchange for Oil

  2. yes the entire planet is getting sick of washingtons bullying and threats from what im reading..

  3. Already have a Ledger Nano S, bought a Ledger Nano X using your referral link. As always thanks for the awesome content, always learning something new.

  4. So many dumpster fires we saw coming years ago. Experianced trader = Use to losing money. 😉
    Curious how CB keeps breaking everytime there’s big price movement. The USD will be dead soon enough as the rest of the world wakes up.

  5. Hardly ever see anyone talk about the bearish scenario of the dollar being free from the global system

  6. The Petro dollar is the U.S. ドル. アメリカ. needs to stop tying the U.S. dollar to oil and tie it back to Gold.
    Rubles are a depressed currency and so are Rials. But if both Iran and Russia start using crypto currency then things will go Super Nova on the Crypto markets. It would start a rally that nobody has ever seen. There could be 10,000% jumps overnight or more. Billionaires will be made overnight. I can’t wait to retire.

  7. This is the best crypto channel. He stated some very very profound concepts. He said we need a gobal money free from the burden of state and failed ideology of fiat banks. I couldn’t agree more. This guy is very intelligent and very enlightened.

  8. every time Crypto Lark makes a video I’m going to purchase small amount of 5-10 dollars in bitcoin 😀

  9. warsticker he is pretty good at what he does isn’t he. I like he he thinks things through.

  10. It’s not just petro dollar it’s the centralized banking system.
    Virtually every Country’s debt is unpayable, at this point if one goes down and that Country calls in all it’s loans it will be a Cascading effect to collapse them all.

  11. 暗号ラーク …
    you’re becoming one
    of my favorites; 誰
    else is connecting
    ALL those dots …?
    (Bix Weir) but you’ve
    got sellable presence.

  12. Very depressing outlook, but a distinct possibility. You renewed my further investing in Bitcoin. Gotta do what I can to protect myself. ありがとうございました.

  13. Presumably that is what the politicians are counting onnobody calling the debts in as they also would get hurt. We are in a weird place where because everyone is in debt to everyone else effectively no-one is in debt to anyone. Which must be as unstable as helllookout if it falls

  14. John Wayne that’s never going to happen. Why would they give up their money printing machines? They’ll change the laws before that situation happens. And I wouldn’t be shocked if they have a few hundred million in Bitcoin just to crash the market

  15. Pulled my money out of CB because of that. It’s not a bank and offer no security and clearly fucked us up on purpose.

  16. Oliver St.John when an independent survey is done of the FEDs gold reserves.

  17. 笑, told my wife coinbase triggered a sell off, and she only asked if it was low enough for me to buy more. She doesn’t care about cryptocurrency, but damn if she doesn’t know the way I think 🤣

  18. Nearly 7K views and only 818 好き.

    Funny how people enjoy all your work for ‘free’ and can’t even drop a like which takes 1 第2.


  19. As a US citizen I am tired of the corruption in Washington. Bitcoin is my best hope to not have my hard earned money devalued. I buy as much as I can every week and store it on my Ledger.

  20. Be ready for the upcoming bull run! 💪 Keep your investments safe by engraving your recovery seed in titanium! CRYPTOTAG🔐

  21. That has to do with the absolute JOKE of a President US has nowadays. I´m truly sorry for that. US Global Dominance has to decrease, but I´d rather it happened without so much trauma. I´m disgusted by leftish pseudo-socialist demagogues, and I hope for conservative eficient governments to show the world that Progressive tendencies can and should be intervaled by moderate ; liberal; market wise right wing politicians. That hasn´t happened in US , nor in Brazil. All we have are even more ignorant, religiously supported guys that are not half as liberal as promissed in campaign. Moderation: is it too much to ask for?

  22. Wayne B Ditto. I used Lark’s link, 余りに, late last week. Looking forward to receiving the Ledger Nano X.

  23. The US has given up on bombing countries who don’t use the dollar for oil. That’s good for the world but bad for the US economy. Petroleum dollar is circling the drain.

  24. Gamma Bravo I have not noticed Trump publicly mention the Petro dollar even though it is dying under his watch. End of an era is happening now.

  25. @Yuri Nehrer: We’d be in a nuke war with NK or Russia if the puppet Golden Mumu had won. Trump’s great.

  26. Why don’t more women carethey think this is aguy thing”? I don’t understand. アイム 65 and live on SS and got in 3 years ago so I could come outta this economy alive. $ETH gonna shine, みんな. Watching all the progress.

  27. @Jody Rhodes You’re right. The US government and the Fed will never back down from their monetary powers. They will print the dollar into oblivion before ever even considering ceding power.

  28. If that is the case, Bitcoin is not the answer. Only a select few individuals will have so much bitcoin, they will manipulate the masses. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Bitcoin works well when you still have to depend on fiat.

  29. うん, throughout history, how many times have you seen the status quo change? There’s usually a war involved

  30. Socialist millennials are to blame. 私に, me, me, free,free, free, mentality.

  31. AS a New Zealander I’m tired of the corruption in America to🏛🤣 , most Governments are all rogues mate!!


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