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Perlin wants to build a global super computer and aims to do so by combining DAG tech and Avalanche Consensus. HTTPS://

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更に, I am investing in Perlin

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PerlinAn Avalanche of Hot Tech




30 注釈

  1. I talk to DENT tokens holders 🙂 Did you see the information on free distribution of tokens on ?

  2. Don’t know much about Perlin.
    It sounds like the tangle protocol from IOTA (which tangle had security concerns.) and Crowd Machine.
    Trading security for speed maybe.

  3. Stay away from everything withlock ups”. Price will getting rekt. Look at Elastos as an example.

  4. Thank you for your review ! Seems like it’s made for money making for early investors ( maybe inner circle ⭕️).
    I asked myself will I rent out my phone ? チャンスは無い. Will I see companies giving theirs free pc power to rent , no I don’t . I see companies switching to tablets and using secure computing power from corporations with tech support and insured in case of data breach or any faults.

  5. THE CRYPTO LARK! is all you need,just stay here no need to watch others 😉 tell ur friends,be part of CrYptO LaRk nAtIoN this is best channel on crypto youtube,,,,,,,as well check outcrypto sparkanother good channelif you are looking for education honesty,trustworthy,,these are the 2 channels to watch/listen to.cheers kiddo

  6. All these coins are to late EOS with it’s Fast and Free new Block.chain 3.0 is here. They all just are trying to reinvent the wheel

  7. Grigory Levy ash, I had to thumb down your comment. Do you know how much time these guys put into doing these videos? The research, the editing…? Why shouldn’t they be paid for their hard work? When you go to work, wouldn’t you like to be paid or are you doing it for charity purposes only? I find comments like yours absolutely ridiculous and delusional. Research takes time and Youtubers should be rewarded for their hard work. If not, what incentive do they have? If you are employed, I’d like you to consider going to your job tomorrow and telling your boss that you want to work for free. If you’re not willing to do that, then you shouldn’t tell anyone else to do that either.

  8. prazertvwell u take your thumbs down and put it right up your …..when they do paid reviews we dont get HONESTY we just get info that it’s a great company and alot of utubrrs pride themselves on NOT DOING PAID REVIEWS DO ON THAT NOTE YOU CAN GO ##%^^**( YOURSELF AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR JNPUT

  9. Idiot. ダッシュ, the greates ponzi shitcoin, crashed in 2014 from May to january 2015 から 15 USD down to 1.50 米ドル.
    You understand this?
    Alts are dead is a stupid and boring call since the beginning of crypto.
    Truth is: After every crash they will go even much higher than bevor.

  10. Tom Bo settle down there big shot! You’re quick to jump to conclusions, I never said Alts are dead, I said they are getting rekt right now, I’m actually holding many and wouldn’t be if I didn’t believe in them ✌🏻

  11. OK, than you are a pro. I did understand you wrong. Thought you are a scary noob, like most today are. 乾杯.

  12. PewPewtube, If EOS is so centralized can you tell me where it ‘s center is and who is controlling it. Because the EOS that i have invested in is being block produced by 21 block producers all around the world. with another 100 block producers ready, if needed. It sounds to me like you have been listening to the wrong information. I have done my own research and i will be glad that i bought EOS at $7 in three years. To each his own best to you Pew Pew.

  13. China recently chose EOS as the number one Crypto platform over NEO. あなた自身の研究を行います.

  14. Gary Scalf Lol the same china that banned bitcoin or the one that makes all those scammy icos? Yeah EOS is controled by a few people. The have freeze accounts and done more stuff that you are not supposed to do on a decentralized platform yeah I did my research.


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