Peculium ICO ReviewBinance Coin Meets AI


The Peculium team has had their hands full the past couple years producing a form of artificial intelligence that will be capable of making cryptocurrency investment decisions.

Once complete their artificial intelligence (called AIEVE) will rival the algorithms and intelligence that is currently used by large hedge funds and investment firms on Wall Street. By bringing that investment power to the hands of the common people, the paradigm of investment strategy will shift.

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Peculium ICO ReviewBinance Coin Meets AI

29 注釈

  1. I have BTC in GDAX,
    My main question is, where is the best location to place my Bitcoin so I can accumulate my coins from the fork? 🤔😯

  2. Gustavo Ramos most secure is ledger nano wallet, it’s about $60, but most convenient for me is exodus wallet it’s pretty safe and it supports a bunch of alts too

  3. is this something for us directly or for hedge funds etc..? If for hedge funds do you think VERI can hook up to this? Sounds interesting and covers another link in the trading gap in the new financial paradigm.

  4. What are your thoughts on DMD. Low circulating supply and a lot of room to grow. I’d be curious to see your opinion.

  5. LOLz.. The whole team is shown on the website and you all it like bitconnect?? LMAO

  6. Peculium coin will get GREAT SUCCESS in near future and it is awesome and most beautifully designed.

  7. Quite an interesting project, you need to look at it more closely. さらに, I would advise you to pay attention to the Tokengo project, at medium distances on investment it is very good indeed.


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