PayPie ICO ReviewRisk on The Blockchain


Let's analyse the risk of this risk analysis ICO.
注意 – I did misspeak as I reviewed based on their pitch deck not their whitepaper, that being said my conclusions remain the same.

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PayPie ICO ReviewRisk on The Blockchain

29 注釈

  1. man you pump out the vids awesome work thanks for all the hard work and keeping it real sydney aus

  2. The Crypto Lark yeah true, it’s the initial strategy. Because of the simulated mobile mining that uses a twin algorithm.

  3. Cheers brother. Good to get someone else’s view on this. Definitely felt like I knew less about the ico after reading their ‘draftwhite paper. Appreciate your time.

  4. wow LARK quality for exposing the shills like that, its my number 1 gripe so good for you letting us followers know… always top vibes mate x

  5. **PayPie is an awesome project with rock-solid ideology, this will benefit for both short term and long term investors. **

  6. Yes the white paper sucks if you look at their power point presentation and not the white paper

  7. You gained a whole new respect to me with an honest review of PayPie. Best regards, keep on strong!

  8. Bonjour Monsieur Lark, in France also we love your stuff !
    Guess who joined the team of paypie :
    Anthony Diiorio CEO & Founder of Jaxx & Decentral
    and cofounder of Ethereum.
    Big news ! I’m in. Thanks for your great work !

  9. Hummm….good to see this tool. I hope it will be easy for me to snap up best opportunities using PayPie.

  10. I love PPP concept because It bring confidence and transparency to the financial market by introducing the first credit risk assessment based on ethereum.


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