暗号と受動的所得! Staking, Masternodes, Airdrops, Forks, Lightning Node


The cryptocurrency industry offers many ways for you to generate passive income. このビデオで, Mattie will walk you through ways to generate passive income which includes Staking, Masternodes, Airdrops, Forks, and​ Lightning Nodes. #Passive #Income #Bitcoin
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How to earn #PassiveIncome with #Cryptocurrency

How to earn passive income with cryptocurrency

Put Your Crypto To Work: Five Ways To Earn A Passive Income

Put Your Crypto To Work: Five Ways To Earn A Passive Income

The Best “dividend” Paying Cryptocurrencies — How To Earn A Passive Income From Your Crypto Wallet

Terra Partners with Nexo to offer Crypto loans and interests in the Asian market

Terra Partners with Nexo to offer Crypto loans and interests in the Asian market

This Crypto Project Allows You To Make Passive Income Without Others Knowing It

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暗号と受動的所得! Staking, Masternodes, Airdrops, Forks, Lightning Node

31 注釈

  1. $DUSK and their provisioner nodes will be huge. They’re even making Browser Nodes so that we can verify transactions and be rewarded with more $DUSK via a Chrome extension

  2. What can you say about GRAM coin? Now there is a final round of ICO on mygram.pro/promo many people prophesy minimum 5 X-es)

  3. *infotelegram. pro/gram* here I bought GRAM tokens. They are for those who asked in comments

  4. I managed to buy 2500 Telegram tokens toncrypto.info/ton I hope they will help me to buy a new car this year)

  5. Celsius is nice and simple for non technical folks to stake, with good returns and high security

  6. Pledgecamp might have the most robust token economy in the entire crypto ecosystem, thanks to its innovative two token approach (PLG & CS). In order to earn revenue, a user must become a moderator on the platform. In order to become a moderator, a user must stake at least 100k PLG to a non-trading contract, minting CS at a 1:1 ratio in the process. This CS represents this user/moderator’s stake in the platform. A moderator performs various duties on the platform, making sure the entire system works as intended. The moderator is rewarded for his work with a share of the platform’s fees, proportionate to the relative size of his stake. The entire system simply works, and is definitely worth checking out.

  7. グレートビデオの男. I do some staking and mining and I have been thinking of running a node once I get a dedicated computer for that.

  8. Pretty interesting system. I like the whole idea of Pledgecamp to be honest. If they can do what they set out to do, it could be huge. What other duties do moderators have?

  9. @Crypto Hype It’s the crowdfunding platform of the future, that aims to fix the countless problems inherent with the crowdfunding industry (namely, the abundance of shady scam projects, the lack of transparency/accountability from those raising funds, the lack of global availability, 等々). I believe they will succeed where Kickstarter/Indiegogo have failed.

  10. @Crazan Mssl Moderators are basically responsible for reviewing a project when a project is flagged enough times for violation(S), and are then called to take action depending on the consensus that has been reached (such as by shutting down the project and returning funds locked in smart contract to those who initially contributed to the project). They are rewarded for their work by earning a portion of the platform’s listing fees. It’s a really clever system.

  11. Cajutel is best-performing Coin of this Month, The best coin with solid base and team, loaded with staking benefits like best Dividend in Crypto and ever-increasing prices!

  12. Excellent Video. what are some of the Lightning Node’s that we can run for passive income? thank you

  13. Drake video as always but I will say I think that music was a little too loud and unnecessary it was hard to hear you sometimes

  14. Lending interests me the most and the risk it involves. How do you review different lending platform (BlockFi, 摂氏, NEXO). Bitrue is also interesting. They pay interest just to hold coins.

  15. New IEO Telecoin, has staking and masternode facilty to ensure transactions are kept private. Great opportunity to mine the last 2.5 百万枚のコイン. Im excited for this project

  16. Can’t go past NEXT.exchange for Masternode income. The tokenomics are some of the best I’ve seen for a while. Well worth a look.

  17. So I researched this project, a very good team, an original idea, and RoadMap also have a very well thought out and thin.
    I would like you to consider and examine.

  18. Love the video’s, but next time loose the music or get a better mic.
    I found it very distracting.

  19. I’ve followed NEXT since April 2018. I believe everything is turning out much better than what was originally expected.


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