Oyster Pearl PRL Founder, Bruno Block Exit Scams! – 今日の暗号化ニュース


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このビデオで, Mattie talks about Oyster Pearl, the founder Bruno Block who did an exit scam and what exactly happened. He also mentions Bitstamp being sold to a big Korean company as well as last weeks top news. これは毎日のセグメントであります!
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Oyster Pearl PRL Founder, Bruno Block Exit Scams! – Today's Crypto News

23 注釈

  1. 1 million Odd $$ is not really a pay day considering.Not trying to diminish the issue.

  2. You guys promoted oyster. Don’t promote these kind of scams. That Bruno is not reall, wake up!

  3. 3000 crypto currency projects and 95% of them are total scams just like oyster pearl and bitconnect etc

  4. This stuff happens, it’s unfortunate and a major red flag but completely unexpected.

    Data dash must be as shocked as any of us. And when the core team did not expect this clearly no one outside would.

    Many currencies and companies have had issues and recovered and many have been buried.

  5. No exit scam. Founder Bruno Block has medical issues and suffers from severe insanity due to memory loss. Oyster will be back up and running after contract swap. This project has almost a full working product in comparison to 95% of all other cryptos out there.

  6. You better hope and pray that Satoshi Nakamoto never experiences the same mental brakedown as Bruno did. The phantom Satoshi holds 6 Billion worth in Bitcoin and if he dumps you are toast!

  7. A word of warning.
    This scam thing happened to me once already. With Titanium.
    They got “ハッキング”, they said they reported it to the police, which they never did.
    And they distributed another token to keep everyonehappy”.
    They also sold that off and rekt everyone who held since ICO.


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