Is the Next WAVE coming? Bitcoin Technical Trading Analysis


Today Mark catches us up on the Bitcoin chart with some TA that he is encouraged by. Is the next wave coming? Mark seems to think so. Take a look at the TA and see if you agree.

Mark is an active crypto trader and enthusiast but is not a professional advisor. Please do your own research when making an investment decision and never invest more than you can lose.

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Is the Next WAVE coming? Bitcoin Technical Trading Analysis

43 注釈

  1. I agree that something good is going to happen soon. I know a lot of people are holding cash right now, being really stingy, and waiting for a better deal… But what we know in crypto is that when the next wave up happens the massive gains will happen in one hour and all these people on the sidelines are going to miss out.

  2. Bitcoin ETF August 10-16 expect something on those dates

  3. Alright carlos. We are here and we are coming in waves! Lmao. Nice selfie at the beginningThat’s only a head and shoulders, if you are qauzi moto.

  4. You’re asking the wrong guy since I hate ICO’s. おもう 90% of them are money grabs. Their chart looks interesting. Bucking the market. But personally not interested.

  5. Hey Mark. Theres something about you that reminds me of Dr. Strange from the Avengers. This was intended to be a compliment, hope you take it as such. 🙂

  6. Mark Vidano dude trust me ur way better then Shailin nd the other dude no offense to them, my favorite is Jeff and you.

  7. Josh Thomas An ETF literally requires the purchase of bitcoin (25 minimum), once that ETF is approved and trading, it would take an idiot to sell

  8. Cheyno Mdingi and they mention 100 shares on the initial establishment @ $8k. $20M. That’s almost 10% of the total market cap right now.

  9. Joe smith true. It’s going to be OTC but it should establish trust in people unfamiliar with the market hopefully bring retail traders back in.

  10. Florence Manguiat thanks Florence. Now let’s see if it plays out. Crypto can be so unpredictable.

  11. Because some people will praise TA like it’s god, when really even the best analysts are usually wrong. Too many variables, too much uncertainly and unforeseen conditions for TA in this market.

  12. I’m new to crypto and it’s awesome to have some one like you to help….glad I found this channel…..THANK YOU

  13. Not a big believer in TA anymore but you are a great guy to have on the Altcoin team Mark so I watch anyway. 笑

  14. はい, a sell off after a month rise. Because the etf will not be approved. It will be put on hold for further review bla bla bla. It’s a huge deal for the stock market gate keepers to give the green light. To another completely separate and competing market (competing for people’s cash that might have gone into chasing stocks). They will keep kicking the Can down the road. Until the finance boys (the house) are all bought in and ready. 2019 will be mega !

    Be patient now. In investing time is your friend. Just accumulate….

    At least one whole Bitcoin (never sell) and a sheeeeet load of alts (ready to moon on the up). 😉

  15. Thanks John. I appreciate the comment! I used to watch people doing TA for the “予測” now I do my own TA for the strategyif that makes sense. I do appreciate you watching…本当です!! 感謝

  16. Hi Grigory! I’m glad you’re watching. Check out some of my crypto tools videos on here. You might find some stuff that you like. 見てくれてありがとう!!

  17. market will jump especially XRP & BCH ( SBI favorite coins ) , because new money is coimg from SBI Exchange this week and DX Exchange end of This month , But that wont lead us to bull market yet . i think it will pump the market and dump in beginning of august and continue the bear market , this july pump will bring new money to the market ( dumb money ) which will allow the whales to sell to the dumb money by beginning of august

  18. so if I understand correctly it could go up or it could go down and if not it’s in distribution

  19. the point is why even make a video that predicts it will go up but it might go downand if neither it’s in distributionffs take a position and if you’re wrong then you’re wrong

  20. How about TRAVALA? They are launching alpha verion on 18th of july. Travel/book hotels up to 40% cheaper with Travala tokens 👌✌ only 0.13$ per token is a steal!
    Project built on NEO blockchain looks promissing


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